How to avoid sanctions: why Medvedchuk brought on his NewsOne man

As soon As the Verkhovna Rada voted for the resolution with the suggestion to impose sanctions against the TV channel “112-Ukraine” and NewsOne, the last quickly replaced by the owner. Instead of the family Muravykh, which is still owned corporate rights in the canal, supervise the work of NewsOne now will be the people’s Deputy from “Oppositional block” Taras Kozak, has long been closely associated with Viktor Medvedchuk. There is a serious suspicion that, after such feint with the owner of the channel, the government does not want to go through and disable “switch” for godfather Putin. Why Moore sold his channel and how it can help to avoid sanctions, understood the “Apostrophe”.

Over the past two months the TV channel NewsOne twice experienced a forced change of leadership. In late August it became known that ex-“regional”, and the channel owner Eugene Moore suddenly decided to appoint a Manager NewsOne former Deputy head of the presidential administration of Viktor Yanukovych Andrei Portnov period of three years. Under the agreement, throughout this time Moore had no right to interfere in the work assigned to the Trustee or to unilaterally terminate the contract.

The appearance Portnov for NewsOne in the media linked with the intentions of Viktor Medvedchuk, before it officially joined the party “For Life”, once and for all, to get this channel. Task Portnov outside of Ukraine, according to sources of “Apostrophes” in the opposition bloc, mainly meant to serve as a stimulus for the government. It seems that happened too…

The resultant vote of the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday for a resolution on the imposition of sanctions led to another drastic perturbations in the channel. The next day, October 5, Moore publicly announced that he was no longer the owner of the channel, and corporate rights are now owned by the people’s Deputy Taras Kozak from the opposition bloc – one of the closest associates of Medvedchuk. In particular, Kozak “lit up” on the post of ex-Deputy head of public organization “Center of Legal State”, the head of which was precisely Medvedchuk.

MP from “Opposition bloc” Taras Kozak Photo: from open sources

Logically, Moore had to sell the channel Portnov. “If the owner wants to sell the canal, under the Treaty the priority it needs to offer it to me,” he wrote in late August on his page in Facebook Portnow. Now, after approach channel Kozak from the control channel went out and Portnow, not using the “right of the first night” and quickly jumped back. “The decision to change the structure of ownership, I can not influence and do not consider it correct to speak about its appropriateness and possible consequences. In this regard, I initiated the termination of the contract on the management of NewsOne”, – he reported in social networks.

Interestingly, 3 of the Oct channel and replaced the Director. Yuri Budyak, which according to the official registers, since March 2013 and still is the Director of “112 Ukraine”. In fact, this assignment was the final confirmation that now both channels is precisely Medvedchuk and his team.

After the vote in the Verkhovna Rada to appeal to the national security Council on deprivation of licenses media NewsOne and the “112-Ukraine”, the change of leadership of the first channel was a necessary decision, say the experts.

“Portnov is hiding from Ukrainian investigating authorities abroad, against him criminal proceedings. It is quite possible that on the basis of this could be based some decisions on the “channel” (here and later this word in quotes at the request of the author of the quote – Apostrophe). Kozak is a Deputy, and previously it has not been claims. There is the expectation that now they will be neither to him nor to the “channel” – has told in conversation with “Apostrophe” political analyst Mykhailo Basarab.

He did not rule out that the Council still will decide on sanctions against television channels. “Perhaps there will be found evidence of their work in the interest of the enemy, the proliferation of fake, manipulation. Or another approach – identify options for funding sources “channels”, – he said.

On the “112-Ukraine” do not hide who is really behind this media resource. In April 2018, had a change in its leadership. The new owner was a German citizen Edward Katz – dealer used cars. Journalists easily managed to find out that Katz is the frontman and all roads lead to Viktor Medvedchuk. And not only in the emergence of complementary subjects. In early June, the channel has officially announced the appointment of a new General producer. They became Artem Marchevsky that in 2015 local elections to the Kyiv city Council candidates from the party “the Right people” together with the press Secretary of Vladimir Medvedchuk Baburinym. The force was consonant with the name of the political force of Medvedchuk “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people”.

The new owner of a media resource the “112-Ukraine” became a German citizen Edward Katz Photo:

However, there are serious doubts that the government wants to act to the end. Strange coincidence: close to the President of the people’s Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko” Sergei Berezenko has an interesting connection with the environment Kozak. The fact that his career as a Deputy started out in the company “Tekt-Brok”, which belongs to Vadim Grib – infamous businessman and no less controversial ex-official. The son of the last, Roman Mushroom, works as an assistant-consultant of people’s Deputy Dmitry Kozak.

So for the presidential team will likely not be a problem to negotiate with the new leadership of the channel. Moreover, his appeal to the Council, the Parliament completely untied the hands of the President, the people’s Deputy from the PPO Sergey Leshchenko.

“Now the President can come to Medvedchuk and offer protection from attacks from activists, and instead to ask the loyal attitude of the channels to him,” – he said “Apostrophe”. He questioned the introduction of any sanctions. According to him, “Medvedchuk Poroshenko a long time working together”.

A similar position was voiced and in the “Fatherland” where in the official statement of the party called Poroshenko “the real master” NewsOne. In turn, the BPP has accused Tymoshenko in cooperation with this channel. Against the background of these mutual accusations remains unclear one thing: did sanctions will be imposed on those TV channels? Even if they are launched, it is unclear how will be implemented the sanctions given the absence of appropriate legal procedures, what has been said by the experts of media law…

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