Hungary Transcarpathia considers its territory: the Ukrainian foreign Ministry made urgent application

The recent scandal with the issuance of Hungarian passports in the Carpathians showed that Budapest refers to this region as its territory

This opinion was expressed by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar.

He noted that problems with the attitude of Hungary to Transcarpathia began even earlier, when the neighboring country there was a separate office of the government Plenipotentiary for Affairs of the Ukrainian region.

“Hungary started to act like Transcarpathia its territory. It is not only in the issuance of passports or the introduction of the post of government Commissioner, “responsible for the development of Transcarpathian region”,” Bodnar said.

He stressed that Kiev should not leave such actions of neighbors with no response.

“If Ukraine will not respond to such acts of Budapest, this impunity will lead to unpredictable consequences,” — said the Deputy Minister.

He stressed that now the main task of Ukraine is to show Hungary, the Transcarpathian region of Ukrainian sovereignty applies, and the state is ready to protect him.

Earlier, Hungary announced the expulsion of the Ukrainian diplomat in response to similar actions of Kiev against the Hungarian Consul.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary sends from the Embassy in Budapest, the Ukrainian diplomat Dmitry Kerechanin.

Kerechanin diplomat from Uzhgorod, who worked in the consular Department of the Embassy in the post of first Secretary.

Specific claims to it, the Hungarian authorities had not.

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We will note that earlier the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has taken a similar decision on the Consul of Hungary in Beregovo. Now he is declared a persona non grata. Ukrainian diplomats announced his decision to the Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine Erno Keskeny Thursday, October 4. About it told the press service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It is worth noting that such a step Kiev is for the first time in the history of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations.

The Consul, who was in a scandal involving the illegal issuance of passports to Hungarian in Transcarpathia, was accused of violating article 23 of the Vienna Convention on consular relations of 1963 in connection with the actions incompatible with the status of consular officials. He presented a note in which it was reported that he must leave Ukraine within the next 72 hours.

We will remind, Hungary said Ukraine passport scandal.

As reported Politeka, learned the name of a Hungarian diplomat, who sends Ukraine.

Also Politeka told me that in Ukraine invented a penalty for dual citizenship.

Source: DT.UA

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