If Putin will deliver a nuclear weapon to Syria or Africa

If Putin will deliver a nuclear weapon to Syria or Africa

The worst bike for intimidation of the electorate — about NATO bases, right in front gaining a completely unexpected sense, but the events unfolding around Russia, can lead to unexpected consequences. Take Romania.

It is known that it was the second, after Poland, the main reference point of States in Europe. Previously, this role was played by Germany, but then, after the Second World war, on its territory stood the occupying forces, and the status they had another.

Now Germany has emerged own original plans for the defense, and the macron is already offering to bring to him and Putin. One gets the impression that he has already received a transfer from the Kremlin to a certain amount, and now behaves like a girl with a low sense of social responsibility, rich and corporate.

In General, now the States are working closely with Poland and Romania. Not surprisingly, first in Romania and then in Poland were deployed position areas of the ground part of the global US missile defense system.

But it’s clear that in addition to the global structure of this system, the specific positional area covers primarily the infrastructure which is near. And this infrastructure is gradually developed, under the “umbrella” has arrived the infantry, armored cavalry, and a number of other equipment, including aircraft.

It is suspected that somewhere in the shadow of the missile defense and f-22, which are periodically flashed on the backdrop of European landscapes. But it became known that in Romania airlifted shock drones, the U.S. air force.

In fact, this is very interesting news, and the Russians should have to think about the following plausible scenario. For example, it became known that Putin has decided to bring to Syria or Africa of missiles with nuclear weapons. It is clear that such intentions cannot remain invisible and the reaction to them will be required.

Or the other option. Over the Black sea flying the next “Orion” or the “Poseidon” of the U.S. Navy and he starts playing “crazy Ivan”.

As a result, the van that is not calculated and crashed into the American spy that clearly flew over neutral waters. Such an incident will not remain without the answer. Moreover, before the disaster, the scout reported that the airfield of Kacha went up fighter who flies a collision course.

Once something like this happens, the military must work strictly according to the Protocol. And here is a very important detail.

Russians are very vain flaunt the fact that annexed the Crimea. They can tell anything to anyone, except that all countries are capable of decisive action, did not recognize the annexation and consider Crimea Ukrainian.

Now remember how events unfolded under Hisham in Syria. When militants stormed, the command of the troops, the U.S. came in the command of the Russian troops in Syria, which outlined the essence of the matter and the legality of a finding at the plant CONOCO American troops, after which he offered either to withdraw, if they are controlled by the Russian command, and after the negative answer simply destroyed the attackers.

Now the question arises about who the us military should inquire about the incident of the incident, to clarify the situation over the Black sea? According to all norms of international law, the request must go to Kiev, they say, is not your there planes in the Cai and if your not flottait in the Sevastopol Bay and leads the fighter on our scout.

From Kiev officially answer that there are no Ukrainian air force and Navy, and there are pirates. Moreover, agreement to give them back, the fire at what Ukraine can provide all the necessary resources, including airfields and its own military capabilities.

And then, on the Romanian air base, rises link drones, Laden with gifts, and flies, accompanied by the f-22 or f-35, after which the fleet Sevase sinking just over the Nakhimov Navy, and the ill-fated the Kacha airfield converted into a Park-ride for these spiritual morons.

The funny thing about this situation is that the stealth airplanes simply have no money to get it. You may be able to cut a couple of drones, which is a very big issue, since the fifth-generation aircraft by default is stuffed with the latest electronic warfare systems.

Moreover, to their base in Romania is also not good, because there the system works ABOUT, and by that time in the Aegean sea will be ready to shoot the US Sixth fleet, and Syrian group will be the raw material for the Shawarma.

That is, scenarios invented by us, but forces and means for their implementation are already deployed and can work at any time. But it is well known that the most stable structure is with three points of support.

There is reason to believe that the current ability of drones to fly from bases in Romania to the Crimea will not be the ultimate surprise for screeneze.

If drones will be located at the airport in Nizhyn, for example, and at Kharkov, they will be where to go.

By the way, the Network leaked information about the fact that Ukraine has requested US to supply the latest air defense and air defense, there is ABOUT can occur easily, and all that they cover.

So everything goes on as usual. Would not touch they have, it would not be all that is only beginning to unfold, and most importantly, now it is too late to stop.

The train has left.


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