Ilya Kiva: Our task is to prevent any attempts of illegal allocation of land

Land issues in the country should be transparent and the public regulatory organization

This was announced by the head of the Socialist party of Ukraine Ilya Kiva on the page in Facebook, reports the press service of the SPU on the official website.

“We will initiate the creation of a public organization, which will control the transparency of all land issues in the country. Our task is to prevent any attempts of illegal allocation of a land plot”, – he wrote after the meeting by the AP in the protection of parkland in cherry.

“Today we defend the right of people to Park that want to take away the officials with arrogant developers. But the situation in cherry is just one of the hot spots, it is a drop in the sea of troubled construction projects of our country. It’s time for the public to become stronger. The problem of conflict developments need to be eradicated in the Bud — prior to making any decision”, – said the leader of the socialist party.

I. Kiva also noted that a model will be developed to effectively combat such developers, as in Cherry.

“We will defend the interests of Ukrainians in every corner of our country. Together we are strong!”, – he wrote.

As reported, on the morning of 21 August, the inhabitants of the city Vyshneve, kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi district, Kyiv region held a protest against the bandit attacks on activists opposing the building of the Park in their city, as well as for the termination of illegal construction. The action was supported by the socialist party of Ukraine. The head of the SPU Ilya Kiva was transferred to the presidential administration signed by the residents of Cherry’s appeal, demanding the immediate resignation of the head of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district administration Miroslava Smirnova.

August 16 in the town of Vyshneve, Kyiv region, there was a violent clash of citizens protesting against illegal construction, “titushki”, hired by the developer. The clashes were affected, among which also representatives of law enforcement agencies.

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