Impudent provocation Putin: Russian military crossed the Dniester, Kiev raised the alarm

Ukrainian diplomats said it was a provocation after the Russian military crossed the Dniester

The press center of the Ukrainian Embassy in Moldova expressed concern over the provocative actions of the Russian military in the Transnistrian region. Diplomats have accused the Kremlin of violating the regime of the Transnistrian security Zone, and unauthorized hold crossing of the Dniester river on 14-15 August.

The Embassy believe that Russian military action can lead to escalation in the region.

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“These actions once again confirm the need for full and unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the decisions of the Istanbul OSCE summit of 1999,” — said at the Embassy.

August 14, the Operational group of Russian troops stationed in Transnistria, placed armored vehicles and military trucks without insignia in the beach area in the village Tirnauca and pedestrian bridge across the Dniester river in Tiraspol.

In Russia claimed to hold exercises, while representatives of the OSCE and the Moldovan forces were not admitted to the scene.

In accordance with the earlier signed agreements, conducting any military exercises in the Transnistrian security Zone requires permission of the joint control Commission, composed of representatives of Pridnestrovie, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and the OSCE. In the last of the stress that Russia has not received such authorization.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that Moldova spoke about the provocations of Russia in Transnistria. This was announced by the Minister of defence of Moldova Eugen Sturza on his page in Facebook. He claims that unauthorized military exercises of Russia and the crossing of the Dniester is a provocative action and they undermine the foundations of the justification of the Russian side as a peacekeeping mission.

“They are very difficult to explain that the teachings of the little green men at the crossing of the Dniester in armored vehicles are not a peacekeeping mission, and the fact that they do not ensure peace in the region. Maybe the OSCE can help us to explain the difference?” — says the Minister.

Recall, before it was published scenarios full-scale invasion of Ukraine may not survive.

As reported Politeka, Putin played the Ukraine in the fall of the ruble, prepares the capture of Mariupol.

Also Politeka told that the expert spoke about the plans of Putin in Ukraine and risk of escalation.

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