In addition, Hungary has accused Ukraine of “harassment and intimidation” of the Hungarian community and criticized the law on language.

Menzer said that Ukraine will not be able to intimidate the head of the foreign Ministry of Hungary Peter Siarto / photo news.church.ua

State Secretary of MFA of Hungary Tomasz Mincer said that under no circumstances, Hungary would not withdraw their consuls from the Consulate to the Shore “regardless of what Ukrainians demand”.

“Berehovo Consulate acts in accordance with Hungarian and international standards and do not violate Ukrainian laws,” – said Mentzer during a press conference, reports the portal Mukachevo.net.

He also accused Ukraine of “harassment and intimidation” of the Hungarian community, in particular the “Ukrainian law on education deprives the rights of local Hungarians to learn in their native language.” And the law “On language”, in his opinion, it paves the way for elimination of the Hungarian language in the fields of culture, media and public institutions.

Read tangeziale assured that the title of an authorized official of Hungary “around the region” will change – Klimkin

In particular, according to Mancera, small and medium entrepreneurs, who are funded by the government of Hungary under the program of support of the Transcarpathian business “from time to time called in for questioning”. Also, in his words, there is pressure on Hungarian diplomats.

As reported the UNIAN, last week in the Internet appeared the video, which the Ukrainians handing out Hungarian citizenship, with a request not to inform the authorities.

People in the video on the background of the Hungarian flag read the text of the oath of the citizen of Hungary. Then the Hungarian diplomat urged them to hide from the state structures of Ukraine the fact of obtaining Hungarian citizenship.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the distribution of Hungarian citizenship contrary to the Vienna Convention on consular relations. He noted that Ukraine will react to the issuance of the Hungarian passports. The Minister also hinted that Ukraine could send the Hungarian Consul from the Shore and will not back down from implementing the Pro-Ukrainian policy in the Carpathian region.

In turn Szijjártó threatened to resort to new measures designed to prevent the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

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