In addition, the Ukrainian delegation will draw attention to any situation in the occupied Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian delegation begins work in the autumn session of the NATO PA / photo facebook.com/Iryna.FrizСегодня Canada began a four-day session of the 64th annual session of the NATO parliamentary Assembly.

At the autumn session of the NATO parliamentary Assembly in Halifax, the Ukrainian delegation will pay attention to the situation in the occupied Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

Read takeesha condemned Russia’s aggressive actions in the Black and Azov seas

The Chairman of the permanent delegation of Ukraine to the NATO parliamentary Assembly, MP from the “block of Petro Poroshenko” Irina Friz said on his page in Facebook.

In addition, Ukraine will insist on the prevention of legalization of the Russian militants as collaborators with the rebels; pay attention for threatening to black sea and Mediterranean regions the situation in the Azov sea due to the aggressive actions of the Kremlin.

Also, a separate area will be a discussion on the use of Putin PMC Wagner in the East and use in these democratic States, the mechanisms of resistance.

In addition, as underlined by a Frieze of important corrections to the report prepared by Nord stream-2, and the threatening implications of the project for the energy security of Europe.

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