In desperation, Russia wants to launch China on its Arctic shelf

In desperation, Russia wants to launch China on its Arctic shelf

Being in a desperate situation, Russia can stimulate revanchist geopolitical ambitions of Beijing in the Arctic.

It would seem that the sanctions will only benefit in terms of their overlay Russia needs to thrive. But, as time has shown, even such industries as oil, the former is always in the black, met with insurmountable difficulties, primarily associated with their own technological backwardness.

So, after the introduction of sanctions, which prohibits to grant the Russian oil industry new technologies, the country froze a number of projects on development of promising oil and gas fields.

In particular, he was stopped work on the project of South-Tambeyskoye field, the Kirinskoye gas condensate field offshore the sea of Okhotsk, the frozen run of the fields “Russian” and the development of the Arctic shelf deposits in the southern Prinovozemelsky Pomerania, North-Pomeranian-1, North-Pomeranian-2, Russian and Western-Matveevsky.

In addition, the stopped development work on the East Siberian field and the delayed startup of an LNG terminal in Kaliningrad region occupied.

And all this is happening at the very moment when Russia is stepping up production of oil and gas, and existing mining activities are located on the redistribution of their capabilities and their resources are almost exhausted.

And the other way the Russians have not found, but to seek the assistance of Chinese bratushka.

So, Russia intends to attract Chinese investment and technology to develop the Russian shelf. In particular, we are talking about developments in the Barents sea, the Pechora sea and other attractive objects.

Well, it would seem that Russia has found a way out of the situation when it is because of their own backwardness could not for the 2016-2017 year to develop any new deposits?

Perhaps, but there are at least two “BUT”.

First – there is no guarantee that China will go against US in the sanctions issues especially against the background of a red card for the purchase of s-400 and su-35, as well as the unresolved issue with a trade war, pretty repluse the economy of China.

Second – if China goes to such cooperation, taking into account the first “BUT” he will have to get quite large dividends for their support, and on the background of the possibilities of angry USA, these dividends comparable by the Russian shelves.

So can it happen, what is already latent launching of the Chinese in Siberia, Russia machine opens their way to the promised Arctic, making China the country with the release and claims to a share in the Northern expanses.

Well, you understand.

The angry inhabitant of Odessa

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