In London have found a way to “neutralize” Putin: This is a blow for many years

In England found a way to inflict a significant blow to the main “weapon” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, from which he recovered only years later

This was stated by British Prime Minister Theresa may, reports Wave.

“At a Banquet with the Lord mayor of the capital city So may declare that the response of the West has become “the largest collective expulsion the Russian intelligence officers that ever happened”, — stated in the message.

According to her, it “caused significant damage to the capabilities of Russia in the field of exploration for many years to come”.

As previously reported, the EU are angry about the so-called “elections” in the occupied Donbass. This was stated by the representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini

“Recalling the statement of 5 November 2014, the EU considers “elections” planned for November 11, 2018, beyond the control of the government of the territories of the so-called “Luhansk people’s Republic” and “Donetsk people’s Republic”, the illegal and illegitimate and will not recognize them. The EU condemns the “elections” as they contradict international law, undermine the commitments made under the Minsk agreements, and violate the sovereignty and law of Ukraine”, — she noted.

Moreover, Mogherini urged the Russian occupiers to respect the Minsk agreement.

“The provisions of the Minsk agreements should be fully and expeditiously implemented, starting from a comprehensive ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons in order to create the necessary conditions for political transformation by local elections, which they provide”, she said.

Add in the Internet made fun of a ridiculous system of “elections” in the occupied Donbass, which was invented by the terrorists. This was stated by the journalist Denis Kazan.

“How to ensure the attendance of and voting on “election of the head DND”. All the fighters signed commitments that they would vote for Putilina,” he said.

We will remind, Ukrainians showed footage of the destruction of the militants.

As reported Politeka, the situation in the Donbas escalates, are columns of military equipment.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine is “annexed” part of the Russian Federation, Putin is rampant.

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