In the Donbas formed a new lake

In a combat zone on Donbassu a new lake. The photographs published on the official website of the Ukrainian Ministry for the occupied territories, it is clear that in close proximity to warring Town formed a reservoir area of 24 thousand sq m. Still the photos show a brand new wetlands under Yasinovataya.

Photo: mtot.gov.ua.

The spread in local quarries, the lake is a drinking water that has not received Dokuchaevsk (controlled by DPR), Mariupol, Volnovakha, Novotroitsk. On pictures 2016 lake in these places was not. It was formed after the South Donbass conduit channel “Seversky Donets-Donbass” has been repeatedly pierced by shells. The situation professionals can explore only by indirect data – pressure drop in the duct and the appearance of new marshes. Direct repair of pipes it will still be impossible – the fighting here go the fourth year, and the area of cross-mined.

Swamps and lakes in the arid steppes of Donbass – a rarity. But the triangle between Donetsk, Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka Ukrainian – the hottest place of the war in the East of Ukraine, the local “Verdun”, where on the frontline, for years, systematically working heavy artillery. And it works so efficiently, that it has become conspicuous from space.

Fighting around Avdiivka industrial zone began in the summer of 2014, going to 2015, again sharply intensified in January 2017 and is still going on. Hard to say, exacerbates the situation that Avdeevka and Yasinovataya, the city is not mining, and water with a broken channel with nowhere to go underground. In another Donbass “Verdun” under the Gorlovka permanent damage of the channel “Seversky Donets – Donbass” also lead to chronic water leaks, but she is four years flows in the production of broken shafts under the battlefield, raising the level of mine water in the mines, which because of the war, the pumps got even more in 2014.

The war with the heavy artillery in this environmentally difficult region like Donbass is slowly but surely changing the landscape and subsoil. Leads to consequences which as yet impossible to estimate in full.

It is not known whether the current local residents will name the new lake. Most likely, it will make the one for whom the result will be the battlefield.

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