In the opinion of the special representative of the United States, Russia does not intend to change its position before the elections in Ukraine.

Kurt Volker / REUTERS

Special representative of state Department of the United States of America concerning the Affairs Kurt Volker is convinced that the Russian Federation does not intend to change its position before the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine in 2019.

This was the American diplomat said during a speech at a think tank Atlantic Council in Washington.

He said that the United States could not affect the decision-making process by Russian President Vladimir Putin and other representatives of the Russian Federation as to “whether to continue the war in the Donbass”.

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“They are determined to continue to do so. And my assessment is that likely to change their positions now lower than they were even a year ago. I think that Russia essentially decided to wait until the Ukrainian elections, see what happens – maybe there will be new opportunities that arise to obtain a more favorable position for Russia?”, – said Walker.

In this regard, he expressed regret, because the situation in the Donbass, and will continue to have adverse humanitarian consequences.

Also the special representative of the United States believes that Ukraine is not considering a military option to return the territories occupied by Russia.

“I can say with great confidence, he met with all that Ukraine has no illusions about returning control of the territory, which it lost because of the use of force (Russia – UNIAN). It will be a disaster for Ukraine to try to implement it,” said Walker.

Thus, in his view, the important fact is that Ukraine has increased the potential and power of their armed forces that will allow her to continue to turn the country into a successful European democracy.

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