In the Parliament promised the inevitable social explosion under the conditions of the IMF

The assistance of the International monetary Fund, which I hope the Ukrainian authorities can lead to a social explosion in the country, warned the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. After all, to receive the next tranche will have to rewrite the gas tariffs for population increase.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As stated by MP of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko, representing in the Verkhovna Rada “Oppositional block”, financial assistance from the IMF Kiev will result in a social explosion in the country, as, according to the terms of the trust, to receive the next tranche of government should increase tariffs on “blue fuel” for the population. This is one of the main requirements for the provision of IMF tranche, the second condition is the establishment of the country’s anti-corruption court.

The Fund’s management is not even pretending that trying to negotiate with the Ukrainian authorities, but simply dictates the terms, he said. As recalled by the MP, the TV channel “inter” in all countries where blindly followed the IMF without considering its national interests, observed social protests. Therefore, Ukraine should consider to begin to implement the policy, the national interest, not the requirements of international lenders, said Yuriy Boyko. For this purpose, the tariffs and other charges on the contrary should be reduced in order to revive industrial production. The MP urged the country’s leaders to revise the program of cooperation with the IMF and develop its own economy.

However, the authorities are unlikely to heed the advice of the Deputy, as “very strongly” expect the allocation of the Fund new tranche in the near future.

As stated by the acting Minister of Finance of Ukraine Oksana Markarova, Kiev can get the tranche from the IMF until the fall. In her opinion, the chances that Ukraine has “very high”. This was the head of the Finance Department said in an interview with “First national channel”.

She stressed that the financial authorities do not even provide for the option in which the IMF tranche is not received by the Ukrainian budget.

“We don’t even want to predict and do not envisage such a scenario, the situation is stable and it is stable, it is under control anyway…” – said the Minister of Finance.

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