In the sea of Azov is not yet enough boats to conduct a large-scale operation.

Russia strengthens presence in the sea of Azov / photo Unionacea threw about 40 warships in the sea of Azov.

About this said on air “channel 5”, the representative of the main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky.

He commented on conducting “maneuvers” of the Russian Federation in the Azov sea: “the Problem is that before the war we could not fully agree on the border. Is the border in the Azov sea and the Kerch Strait. Secondly, it is very active operations began in may 2018. Today, according to our military intelligence, about 40 boats, combat boats, uses of the Russian Federation in the sea of Azov. They went. Them before in such numbers was not. This boat, FSB, and military boats. Even the two small missile ships were transferred from the Caspian sea to the sea of Azov, it was a demonstration of support.”

Read takterasse trying to squeeze Ukraine and its economic interests from the sea of Azov – media

“Second – under control today fully all sea route civilian shipping, which is followed in our port of Berdyansk and Mariupol through the Kerch Strait. In addition, they are very active and began to control everything that happens in the Azov sea and the entire coastal area in the sea of Azov… the Number of vessels that are subject to inspection by the Russian Federation, it increases. Now there is another threatening situation. Left the ship, for example, from Mariupol. He goes to the Kerch Strait and three days worth until pass under the Kerch bridge. Well, if the load is long, but if it’s a very different cargo, it will take time and the civil campaign refuse our ports,” said Skibitsky.

He also added that perhaps will even be considered an option when the civil court will be accompanied by Ukrainian border guards.

Skibitsky also said: “Accordingly, we hold events that relate to the protection of our borders, our sovereignty, but the actions of the Russian side is a very aggressive…”.

On the question whether there is now a serious threat to the Azov sea, the representative of the Gur said, “There is a threat, but today, according to our estimates, there is still not enough boats to conduct a large-scale operation, but the accumulation of arms and troops in the Azov sea has… Also, you see what a problematic issue. Through international agencies Russia announces closed some area. He says that there is, for example, from 21 to 23 will be held some exercises. Three days have passed. Expired – any exercise there was carried out. And it aims just to destabilize the whole seafaring and industrial fishing in the Azov sea”.

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