In the United States reported on the testing of new nuclear bombs

We are talking about a nuclear bomb free fall project, the B61-12. The tests were conducted with the participation of the strategic bomber B-2 became the first of the qualifying trials, “and from” for this type of weapon

Bomber Northrop B-2 Spirit

(Photo: Reuters)

Air force (USAF), the United States together with the National nuclear security administration (NNSA) conducted a series of controlled tests of a nuclear bomb project, the B61-12. This was stated by the representative of the NNSA, Brigadier General Michael Lutton, according to the portal Military.com.

Two tests took place on June 9 at the test firing of Tonopah in Nevada. A bomb without a nuclear warhead was dropped from a strategic bomber Northrop B-2 Spirit. “These qualification flight tests demonstrate that the design of the B61-12 meets the system requirements and demonstrates the progress of the program of the B61-12 in accordance with the requirements of national security”, — quotes the portal words of Lutton.

The developer of missiles spoke about the revision of the idea of nuclear torpedoes


It was a “qualification test “and from” for the B61-12 strategic bomber B-2A Spirit,” leads portal NNSA statement. “The tests are part of a series of joint [of the air force and NNSA] tests to demonstrate how the ability of the aircraft to deliver munitions and non-nuclear functions of a given weapons”, — stressed in the Department.

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