Invaders “raised scoop” in the Crimea, this has not been a Denunciation or jail

In the Russian Federation annexed Crimea opened the first criminal case on charges of failure to report a crime

This was reported by lawyer Emil Kurbedinov during the session of the human rights organization of Crimean solidarity, reports Nueg.

The first such criminal case was opened against Crimean Tatar for non-information in respect of the brother of his wife, who is allegedly fighting in Syria.

The lawyer noted that the Crimean Tatar was questioned for several times and conducted a search. First searches in the case took place in may 2016, then the man seized equipment. During the investigation, the defense filed a number of petitions about checking the validity of correspondence, which formed the basis of the charges, but the prosecution rejected all.

“His case was filed, the FSB recently, we still don’t know what the evidence base in the case,” said Kurbedinov.

He promised that he would disclose the circumstances of the case once it goes to court. Lawyer Lily Gemedzhi believes that this will happen closer to spring of next year.

“The article itself is outrageous, with its help try to put pressure on people. And this is a very bad trend, that this “trial balloon” appeared in the Crimea. That is, the person is forced to be a Snitch about everything he sees. If you have a suspicion against the neighbor, or even relative, you have to run the FSB and tell them otherwise – criminal article,” said Kurbedinov.

Previously, we reported that the Russian occupation authorities are planning to sell one of the most famous palaces of Crimea sanatorium complex “levadiya”. It is expected that the property will be auctioned on 29 November.

The sanatorium complex consists of three buildings related to the Livadia Palace. The starting price of the famous sanatorium will amount to 396 million rubles (more than was 167.2 million at current exchange rates).

The resort is located in the historic Livadia Park, in one of the buildings the Big White Livadia Palace of Nicholas II. In the Central building of the manor is a Museum. The resort occupies a total of over 26 thousand square metres of the Royal Palace.

Recall, the new version of the resolution on the annexed Crimea, which was proposed by Ukraine, was supported in the UN.

As reported Politeka, Putin turns Crimea into a military base.

Also Politeka wrote that there are new details in the case of the mass shooting of children in the occupied Kerch.


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