Iran spends to support Hezbollah and Palestinian groups $1 billion a year

Iran continues to be one of the main state sponsors of terrorism and spends to support the activities of terrorist organizations in the middle East region to $1 billion a year, said the U.S. coordinator for combating terrorism Nathan sales.

“Let me give you some numbers. It’s hard to verify, but Iran allocates only “Hezbollah” in the year of about $700 million Another $100 million it gives various Palestinian terrorist groups. If you count all funds to terrorists, the amount will be about $1 billion a year,” — said in report N. Of sales in the Washington Middle East Institute.

N. Sales recalled that to counter the politics of the Tehran, Washington last week reinstated the sanctions against Iran that existed prior to the agreement on the Iranian atom from 2015.

“But we must do more to force the Iranian regime to abandon its plans and to stop its support of terrorism. And we know that the United States cannot do it alone, so we insist that our international partners to confront Iranian-backed terrorism,” he said.

The official said: “We have to get the private sector has played a critical role in these efforts. I’ll tell you straight. If you are doing business with Iran, you Finance terrorism.”

Test performance of N. The sales distributed by the state Department.

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