Israel has been preparing for air strikes on Russian complexes s-300 in Syria

Israel has been preparing for air strikes on Russian complexes s-300 in Syria

Today it became known that Jerusalem is seriously considering the possibility of air strikes by their air force’s s-300 in Syrian Arab Republic.

It is reported that Israeli air force exercises in Greek practiced maneuvers against the Russian complexes s-300, which are in service of the Greek state.

These exercises will allow Israel to obtain information about weaknesses in the data systems. Previously, Zeev Elkin, who is Minister for Jerusalem Affairs and national heritage of Israel, reported that his government is ready to inflict strikes on the complexes “s-300” in that case, if using them will be attacked by Israeli planes.

Elkin also said that he hoped that during Aidarov Israeli air force on the C-300 they will control the military of the aggressor country.

Now, however, he was informed that the Iranians constantly use the military forces of the Russian Federation in the form of human shields, and conducting operations on the relocation of the weapons, hide behind the military presence of Russia.

He added that there have even been attempts to deliberately use the military bases of the aggressor on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, in order to put weapons there.

The Minister assured that Jerusalem has a serious intelligence information, and also warns military of the Russian Federation about such attempts. Earlier Israel announced a complete indifference to hysteria on the part of the Ministry of defense of the aggressor.

Recall that the complexes “s-300” has already proved incompetent in Syria.

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