It is important to make fair eyes: Putin needs money for new crimes

It is important to make fair eyes: Putin needs money for new crimes

My statement of Putin about “pension reform” admired his honest eyes.

And the reasoning.

Blame the 90-ies, the Patriotic war, citizens themselves who do not understand…

And not a word about the main claims:

— The exorbitant budget expenditures on defense and security, the security forces, who retire at 45 years.

— On a joyride in Ukraine, Syria and now the Central African Republic.

— On the “help” to corporations and “oligarchs”, whose money immediately, be abroad.

— Dictatorial regimes around the world.

— On the political mistakes and crimes of Putin, which led to sanctions and isolation of the country, and now hastening its degradation and, possibly, hunger.

Like any skilled magician, he talks about his absolute sincerity, but his hands only occasionally demonstrates demonstrates.

When they are not busy counting money channeled into the pockets of accomplices.

Really good speech, no doubt, the applause will follow.


* * *

“Something with my memory has become.”

16 APR 2015. Third presidential term for Putin. Then he was categorically against raising the retirement age. About “wooden Mac” we were told.

At the 4th presidential term – all forgotten. Not all that long to work. Especially on such a responsible post!

* * *

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