It is noted that Vadim Novinsky denies Russian aggression.

Vadim Novinsky made to the database “Peacemaker” / photo UNIAN

The people’s Deputy from “Oppositional block”, and one of the main financial backers of the UOC-MP Vadim Novinsky made in the base of the “Peacemaker”.

The authors of the questionnaire Vadim Novinsky call it “responsible for spreading Kremlin propaganda in the form of so-called “Russian world” on behalf of the UOC (MP)”.

“The enemy of the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from ROC is the aggressor. Directs and finances activities aimed at inciting sectarian strife. Denying Russian aggression”, – it is written in the questionnaire.

Read Taliesin Che Guevara arrived in occupied Crimea and were in the “Peacemaker”

Earlier, in the base of the “Peacemaker” made Metropolitan of Zaporizhia and Melitopol of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP) Luke, who is accused of manipulating the public-relevant data, as well as of inciting ethnic and religious hatred.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Russian actor Knightley were in the “Peacemaker” for a trip to “Artek”.

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