Journalist: now Germany is dependent on Russia

The Russian government received a strong leverage over Germany, while Russia can exert pressure on the country’s leadership and ordinary Germans. Reports replyua.net with reference to the Observer, such a statement was made by German journalist Boris Ratsastaa.

He believes that after the Second World war, the Germans knew who they friend and who is foe, and East Berlin together with Moscow could not influence the situation, but now everything has changed, and the Germans don’t know who unleashed a hybrid war. “They definitely feel our weakness, and so the Germans are weak, they are very easy to add fuel to the fire. It is terribly frightening. in fact, many Germans are very unhappy with what is happening in Germany. I travel a lot around the country and see the level of distrust in our politics and our media. They do not believe that Putin and trump are bad, as they tell journalists”, – the journalist noted.

According to him, between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian leader Putin, there is some hostility, but the President of the Russian Federation can put pressure on the Chancellor, and it is, for example, about Syria. For Merkel, now the main problem – migrants, and she realizes that a new influx of refugees from Syria will have repercussions for Germany.

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