Journalist: “trump is the same Narcissus, like Putin. He loves to surprise”

Global political warming could be the result of a meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, which will take place in Helsinki. Reports replyua.net with reference to the TV Rain, this statement was made by Leonid Radzikhovsky, a Russian journalist.

“Trump partly, too, Putin is a narcissist like Putin, who also likes to surprise. In addition, ideology trump is anti-Obama. That’s all Obama did, he’s trying to alter. Obama in recent years has been quite lousy relations with Russia, so trump is trying to recoup ago,” said Radzikhovsky. However, at the same time, he was sure that trump will not go against the official US position and will not cancel the anti-Russian sanctions, but the U.S. President has previously signaled that he does not care, whose Crimean Peninsula.

“In General, he has withdrawn from the case, although formally withdraw, he can not, because Russia has made the annexation, the Anschluss, violated international treaties and, though burst, to get over it is impossible”, – the journalist added.

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