Kim Jong-UN and Mike Pompeo has agreed to hold a second summit, the US-DPRK promptly

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN agreed to hold the second summit of the two countries in the shortest possible time, said on Sunday the Agency “Renhap” with reference to the office of the President of South Korea.

M. Pompeo on Sunday met with South Korean President mun Jae Otherwise.

“During a closed-door meeting with the moon (South Korean President mun Jae-Else — if) Pompeo stated that he and Kim agreed to arrange a second summit, the US-DPRK “in the near future” and continue to discuss the details of the date and place”, — writes the Agency with reference to press Secretary of the President of South Korea Yun Yong Chung.

The Secretary of state said moon Jae-Inu about his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, in particular that they discussed the steps towards denuclearization that the United States expects North Korea and the question of inspections related to nuclear disarmament, told the press-Secretary of the South Korean President.

“The two sides will form a negotiating group at the working level to discuss the denuclearization process and schedule meetings trump (President of the USA of Donald trump — if) and Kim,” said Yoon Yong Chan.

During the meeting with M. Pompeo moon Jae-In stressed the importance of meeting the American Secretary of state and the North Korean leader.

“Today is a very important day for US and also for South and North Korea.. I hope your last visit, and the upcoming second summit of the USA-DPRK, which I hope will happen soon, will create a indestructible and decisive progress in the full denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and in the peace process,” said moon Jae-In, whose words are quoted by the US state Department.

Sam M. Pompeo said moon Jae-Inu that the conversation with Kim Jong-UN was good and productive.

Earlier on Sunday, U.S. Secretary of state arrived in Seoul from Pyongyang, where he had been the fourth visit for the year. In the DPRK, M. Pompeo met with Kim Jong-UN. My trip U.S. Secretary of state described as good.

“We continue to make progress on agreements reached at the summit in Singapore,” wrote M. Pomeo following the meeting on Twitter.

The first summit between the DPRK and the U.S. took place on June 12 in Singapore.

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