Kim Jong-UN made Trump a very important “gift”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is planning to complete denuclearization before the end of the presidential term of Donald trump. Reports replyua.net about it reports Reuters with reference to representatives of South Korea, who are negotiating with the DPRK. Accordingly, Kim Jong-UN for the first time announced the temporary framework of denuclearization. The head of North Korea also agreed to hold a third summit with South Korean President mun Jae Otherwise. According to forecasts, they will hold a meeting in Pyongyang on 18-20 September and will discuss practical measures for denuclearization.

It is also expected that the summit can give a new impetus to the negotiations on the denuclearization between North Korea and the United States after the trump in August cancelled a visit to your Secretary of state in North Korea, citing a lack of progress.

Kim Jong-UN briefed officials of South Korea that his faith in trump was “unchanged,” and he wants to spend the denuclearization and to end hostile relations with the United States during the first term of the trump, which will end in early 2021.

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