Kiselev went on to eliminate freedom of speech in Russia

Kiselev went on to eliminate freedom of speech in Russia

“Good deeds can not be glorified!”. Apparently these words from the song cute villains from the Soviet cartoon repeated to himself TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev, when it came to specific work on “narrowing the freedom of speech” which previously called in the program “Vesti of the week” from 21.10.2018.

Perhaps Kiselyov was driven by bitter envy to Solovyov, Malakhov and Posner from which he is hopelessly behind in the national contest for the best Herostratus Russia.

The results of this contest, recently announced by the group “Zircon”, showed that if this goes on, he with his dull teplosberezhenie will give bitter and Kabaevoj and even Norcina, which won the sympathy of countrymen that constantly fights with the invited experts and expels them from the Studio.

So Dmitry Konstantinovich acted and moved to concrete steps to eradicate freedom of speech in Russia. To this end, he appealed to the academicians of the Russian Academy of education (RAO) with the idea of “to determine the boundaries of the impossible and the border invalid in the freedom of expression, freedom of speech.”

Speaking 25.10.2018 at the General meeting of RAO Kiselev has set academics very specific and yet daunting task. “We have to create a new secular ethics, which will be accepted by society!” – announced Kiselev. And he explained: “there is No effective companies without internal restrictions. And this task is very important for the Russian Academy of education”.

When Kiselev uttered these words, his face assumed an expression of solemn and however formidable. As the prophet Moses when he gave the ten divine commandments to his people. However, since Kiselev claim the laurels of the Creator of a new secular ethics, he probably sees himself more of Aristotle than of Moses.

It would be interesting to get acquainted with the full list of new commandments of secular ethics by Dmitry Kiselev.

Some of them Kiselev has already formulated:

– about burning the hearts of gay men after death;

– on turning the USA into radioactive ash;

– the fact that Ukraine is no post-2014 does not exist;

– that all who condemn Putin’s policies, as the writer Shenderovich, should be called “scum”;

– what attitudes and beliefs should be changed at the moment of change source of funding and country of residence: if you receive a grant from the European Commission on support for democratic institutions, it is necessary to promote European values, as did Kiselev in dashing 90-e, and if you pay for the service of the Putin regime, it is necessary to vigorously stir up xenophobia and hatred as it makes Kiselyov the last few years.

And another point to be included in the list of new commandments of secular ethics from Kiselyov: “I strongly condemn that which is not seen.”

As did Kiselev in respect of the film “the Holiday” Alexey Krasovsky, pictures that nobody saw, but which Kiselev has reported that it “undermines Russia”.

Igor Yakovenko

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