Klimkin: “the opposition bloc”, again, clearly lit up as the power of perceiving the interests of Ukraine at the Moscow fashion”

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin commented on the appeal of the party “Opposition bloc” about his resignation in connection with the statement about impossibility to conclude the contract for the supply of water in the occupied Russian Crimea.

“Perhaps I should thank the party “Opposition bloc” for a quick response to my statement about the impossibility of supply from Ukraine of water in the occupied Russian Crimea. You, gentlemen, again, clearly lit as the force that the interests of Ukraine takes at the Moscow fashion,” — wrote P. Klimkin on his page on the social network Facebook on Thursday evening.

The Minister reminded that “the Opposition bloc” accuses it of violating international law and genocide.

“As for “genocide”, it is simply unconscionable to neutralize this is a very serious concept, mindlessly throwing them left and right. Unscrupulous including in relation to the millions of victims of the famine that the Soviet government did to our land,” — expressed confidence the head of the foreign Ministry.

As for the alleged violations of international law, P. Klimkin told “to look at least in Google (keywords: Hague Convention), and, if necessary, is ready to give comprehensive legal advice.”

“The fact that international law, to which you refer, argues the opposite: the entire responsibility for the situation in the occupied territories is exactly the occupier. It is not Ukraine cut off Crimea from water, Russia did, by the power of cutting off the Crimea from Ukraine”, — wrote the Minister.

In addition, the foreign Minister stressed that the environmental disaster in Armyansk is also a crime committed by the invaders in a foreign land. He also noted that his forecast, according to which Russia will use the situation in the Armenian in order to increase the pressure on Ukraine on the issue of water supply was confirmed. “Russia is very predictable in his villainy!”, — wrote the Minister of foreign Affairs.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the “opposition bloc”! If you are so worried about the fate of our compatriots in the Crimea, we call on Russia to immediately stop its illegal occupation of Crimea and Donbass. I hope you have influence on Moscow. Or Vice versa — Moscow influence on you?” — said P. Klimkin.

Thus in his social network account Twitter P. Klimkin added: “the opposition bloc should finally decide who he is the opposition? The parliamentary majority or, perhaps, to the whole of Ukraine? He and the opposition to the Russian occupation of Crimea and Donbass?”.

Earlier media quoted foreign Minister P. Klimkin that Ukraine will not sign a contract for the supply of water in the occupied Crimea, if the contract will indicate the belonging of Crimea to Russia.

In this regard, on September 13, the party, the Opposition bloc issued a statement, which called for the resignation of P. Klimkin in connection with his statement about the impossibility to conclude the contract for the supply of water to the occupied Crimea.

“For his words that the Crimea should be set aside without water, the Minister of foreign Affairs Klimkin should be held accountable. A government official openly calling to violate international law and binding to limit the Crimean access to water, should be dismissed and tried for genocide”, — is told in the party statement.

Political force also demanded that the Ukrainian authorities to stop blocking the flow of fresh water to Crimea.

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