Known criminal authority is lobbying to corrupt a high position in GBR — media

People’s Deputy of Ukraine and one of the leaders of the party “Freedom” Igor Krivetsky seeking the appointment of the head of the West territorial Department of the State Bureau of investigation attorney Nicholas Kozuka, which is in the Lviv region the reputation of the corrupt

This is reported by “Izvestia in Ukraine” with reference to the website TrueUA.

The Bureau announced competitions for positions in the seven regional offices located in the cities of Kyiv, Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Nikolaev, Melitopol, Poltava, Kramatorsk, reminds the site. It was planned to bring to RRT new and modern managers, to enable them to build a new law enforcement Agency, but in fact, the candidate list is replete with names of corrupt officials, written in the material TrueUA.

One of these “new old” candidates, according to journalists of the site is Nikolay Drusus, who currently holds the position of head of Radekhiv the local Prosecutor’s office in Lviv region and aspires to lead the Western management of the RRG. Kusuka emphasizes TrueUA, Lviv knows how corrupt and the person who fabricated cases against automaidan protesters in support of the criminal regime of Yanukovych.

In particular, Drusus was not able to explain to the media the origin of land under its ownership. And how being in the public service, Mr. Drusus got the funds to buy them.

It is no secret, writes TrueUA that Drusus is a man of the Lviv criminal authority nicknamed “PUPS” is the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Igor Krivetsky. With this fact the authors attribute the response to the question about the status of the Prosecutor.

TrueUA claims that Igor Krivetsky is the head of the party “Svoboda” which funded by the Russian Federation through front companies located in Poland. But after the revolution of dignity, he was appointed Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleg Makhnitskiy, and with it “sold” the position of the regional prosecutors for millions of dollars.

“Interest Krivetsky in Tusuka appointment to the position of Director of territorial administration of GBR in the eagle is that after the installation of the latest you can get full control over illicit flows to customs in Western Ukraine (Lviv, Transcarpathian, Volyn), and unwanted people to clean their way through a custom case”, — writes the website.

According to information from their own sources site, the appointment of Nicholas Kusuka paramount for Mr. Krivetsky and he has “bought” members of the Commission who will vote for Kozuka. Recently, allegedly held a meeting of members of the external Commission on it even before the official vote has determined Kusuka the winner of the competition, says TrueUA.

As evidenced by activist Pavel Vereshchagin, Drusus brags to their friends and colleagues that he was the Director of territorial administration of GBR.

“The community of Lviv warned that will not tolerate tyranny and corruption Commission and will require an honest, transparent and fair competition,” warns Vereshchagin.

Another blogger Roman Lavrov on this occasion appealed to the President Petro Poroshenko: “You are the guarantor of the Constitution, defender of our rights and freedoms. I understand that the newly created independent body, but You as the guarantor must ensure that the RRG is not a hand tool in the hands of the elite clans”.

As reported, the State Bureau of investigation new Central Executive authority responsible for law enforcement with the purpose of prevention, detection, suppression, disclosure and investigation of crimes, crimes committed by officials who occupy especially responsible position.

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