Krymnasha News. “Crimeans hate Russians”

Krymnasha News. “Crimeans hate Russians”

1. Hybrid deportation. For the first half of the Russia-occupied Crimea escaped 17145 employees, which is 18% more than in the same period of 2017. In the Crimea in large numbers. 19830. These are just the official figures announced by the occupiers. The trend for the replacement of the population is maintained during all years of occupation http://podpricelom.com.ua/read/social-programs/krymchane-aktyvno-pokydayut-okkupyrovannyj-poluostrov.html

2. 11 APR invaders at the entrance to the Crimea kidnapped Kharkiv Alexander Steshenko. He was tortured and transported from place to place with a bag on his head. Kharkiv detained allegedly because of problems with the photo in the passport. Then he put on 12 days “for Smoking in the wrong place and disobeying police officers”. Later, it was accused that he allegedly was going to “intimidate Pro-Russian Crimean Tatars by order Chubarov with the support of SBU”. As a result, given 2 years in prison for “intentional destruction or damage of another’s property” — “the burning of the house of the mufti of Crimea Emirali ablaeva,” which sold to the occupants. A guilty verdict was passed, the former Ukrainian “the judge” Gulevich, Yuri Grigorievich. Who else wants to Crimea? http://crimeahrg.org/ukraintsa-steshenko-zaderzhannogo-v-kryimu-za-ekstremizm-dali-2-goda-kolonii-za-porchu-imushhestva/

3. In the river reported the theft of a family Kilivnik that 9 Aug went on vacation in occupied Crimea and is still not back. Spouses with young children planned to return home on 17 August, but already on 10 August the communication with them was lost. According to posted information, the family moved on the Skoda Fabia red color with license plate AE 5664 SA. Occupiers confirmed today the information about the missing family. The people understand, it’s DANGEROUS! IT is the OCCUPATION, NOT the resort! http://atr.ua/news/177768-uehali-v-krym-i-ne-vernulis-v-dnepre-soobsaut-o-propaze-semi (photo).

4. In Moscow detained participants of the rally in support of starving the 101st day of Oleg Sentsov. Look at how many of Monarque thrown to the arrest of several people with posters. No wonder crime neither in Russia, nor in Crimea to engage no one. And criminals are not able to fight against themselves

In Moscow detained participants of the rally in support of Sentsov pic.twitter.com/U6VnBeY9SG

— The Crimea. Realities (@krymrealii) August 22, 2018

5. And remember, the jackets defended berkutnyu on the Maidan? Read what was agreed on motoforum discussing raising the retirement age: “In this sense. The cops, the FSB, the military, other security forces — the maximum benefits and early retirement. Then they are guaranteed to kill a lot of other unhappy where you live to retirement is problematic”, “Not strangle, but I’ll try. It was already 100 years ago. Weight won”, “the main thing Here is the morality of our police and security forces, which side will they choose. While they support the government, and it’s sad. Hope for people with weapons, and complete hopelessness — depending on whose side will our human rights”

Eagle! Eagle! pic.twitter.com/p8Ev69ncLW

— ????????BorisArt???????? (@lqaddict) August 21, 2018

6. Even before some of the Sevastopol quilted jackets, whining in the topic of pensions, something came: “the Darkness is complete. Slaves live and die the slaves of the slaves give birth”, But “not as hahlov”


— Kosstik (@Kosstik8) August 21, 2018

Meanwhile, today in the state Duma refused to soften pension reform https://www.finanz.ru/novosti/lichnyye-finansy/v-gosdume-otkazalis-smyagchat-pensionnuyu-reformu-1027476496

7. Come in large numbers on the ad “On the roadway no Parking! Car interfere with the travel of technological transport!!!” finished their crooked hands: “And the money of tourists is not the way?”. Yalta residents commented: “Alupka. About our stitches-track. But travelers probably don’t care. Some know the letters. I would like to remind that not everyone in the Crimea live at your expense. Something like that”, “how am I supposed to feel the money of tourists? I just have the discomfort of tourists feel. And tube, mud and abandoned cars where they wanted”, “Bastards”, “as it is written those that hanged himself for a penny. Go with your pasta machine and I think that gracing us with his presence”, “Yes, there are some money? Come loshka three -, and even show-off like gold did”, “What are you, some redneck has come”, “for me, it would be better and was going, no money do not want that attitude”

Crimea. Come in large numbers on the ad “On the roadway no Parking! Car interfere with the travel of technological transport!!!” finished their crooked hands: “And the money of tourists is not the way?”. Yalta residents commented. And remember, wool bahati Ruska waiting for? pic.twitter.com/LRiGPaY7IF

— Crimean Bandera (@CrimeaUA1) August 21, 2018

8. It seems that the people of Feodosia managed to fend off another locust: “greetings from Rostov-on-don! We want to move in with you for permanent residence. Tell me, is it possible to buy a home for 4 000 000? How do you work with? As infrastructure (especially interested in the kindergarten, school)?”. Answers: “School Packed. In kindergartens all” “(From Peter writes, occasionally travels to the Crimea) I would not consider moving to a permanent residence. Work enough problems to be. The prices are quite comparable to the St. Petersburg and Moscow”, “(Paneh of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district-Yugra) Prices in contrast with Rostov-na-Donu you “nice” surprise”, “Unique valuable post. We all Feodosiya look forward to these posts every second. Thank you, (the author of the post) is Clear. Thank you all for the help. Persuaded. Dissuaded”, “That dumb for sho. We’d be happy to talk. Himself to Park the car nowhere”, “Come to Murmansk in Feodosia. Had the us only for a year. Back. The job exists with the gardens are all clear”

Crimea. It seems that the people of Feodosia managed to fend off another locust. But still I am surprised Rusnya, which gathered in large numbers, but changed his mind after talking with the locals. And all this within half an hour pic.twitter.com/fHpCfwqBtf

— Crimean Bandera (@CrimeaUA1) August 22, 2018

9. The residents Yana-Kapu (Krasnoperekopsk) the occasion. Invaders asphalt a few meters of the road: “we have already visited asfaltirana stretch of road. A man came up and asked: Is not that a dream? Do they make the road?”. Comments: “And I will do fully? Or parts?”, “Black and white. No one doubted that half will cover. Oh, and thank you for it. The water in the cranes return again! Please!”, “Put where opened, no more, no less. About the full repair dream on,” “We laughed at guys, what are they doing?”. “Oh, and over. And the second half of that? A? Just no words”. Further vatnitsa wrote that it cut money, and received the answer: “I’d such phrases are not lies just because You think so. With the current innovations on defamation in social networks is dangerous.” A message after this warning vatnitsa urgently removed. Prior to the occupation of such fear, we and could not dream!

Crimea. The residents Yana-Kapu (Krasnoperekopsk) the occasion. Invaders asphalt part of the road. Comments have fun pic.twitter.com/D6FlAQF3E0

— Crimean Bandera (@CrimeaUA1) August 22, 2018

10. Today on the Russ celebrate flag day, well, that ROA was at war with the Soviet army. And in honor of this, the Americans congratulated all the people of this country with the holiday, introducing a new batch of sanctions https://ru.krymr.com/a/news-usa-sankzii-russia-severnaya-koreya/29445911.html . In addition, to help Russia came into force and the sanctions imposed on 9 August for poisoning Skrobala https://ru.krymr.com/a/rubl-rezko-podeshevel-izza-sanktsiy-usa/29425397.html

PS will Finish the release of the inhabitant of Sevastopol: “I Spoke with a man who lives and works in the village between Simferopol and Alushta. Says that does not remember a day that is not met in large numbers. Go. Go. Go. Go. Even there, in the village. Like locusts. More. Everywhere local that Crimeans began before the annexation, I hate to come in large numbers from Russia. Political preferences do not matter. Crimeans hate the Russians… would Say 5 years would not believe”.

Crimean Bandera

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