Krymnasha News. “Patriotism traitors to Russia is measured by money”

Krymnasha News. “Patriotism traitors to Russia is measured by money”

1. The so-called “legislative Assembly” of Sevastopol supported the pension reform. The jackets in this wild delight commented on the news that the propaganda rushed to clean comments. Zaskrinit the relish did not have time: “Please refrain from insults and obscene language.

For this reason, were deleted previous comments” “And anyone seriously expect anything else?”, “High favor. Now the prize”, “the spring has Passed, summer came, thank you for this party”, “ Fu, don’t kiss the cat, she licks my ass! Cats, unlike people, ass lick only!”, “Think citizens, who choose. Vile little people” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1016773562131210240 (screenshot and link).

2. While quilted jackets stain the Internet with angry messages about the retirement age: “In Sevastopol until fascism has come to genocide his own people” https://twitter.com/lqaddict/status/1016996985302286336 (screen), the Minister of health of Mordor Veronika Skvortsova believes that the human lifespan can be increased to “not less than 120 years.” So stop whining about raising the retirement age. Roll up your sleeves and plow.

And zaporiszka else to feed the Crimea, Donbass and the list goes on of mnogohodovok https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1016987723649961987 (photos screen).

3. On the Sevastopol forum rise from their knees and I remember how he ran to okkupantam, sold to the enemy for the promises and memories of the sausage for 2.20:

“He (Putin) came to that came time to go to retire, and he didn’t. And will go down in history not as the people’s President, but as a loser.

For 6 years it is just going to hate people because of the people he didn’t do and will not do!

The previous 18 years, evidence. And if Europe suddenly abandon Russian gas, it will have a unique opportunity to experience the full depth of the hole, which will be Russia.

Turkey has already refused two of the four threads the “Turkish stream”, and 506 km of pipes are to be eliminated together with the gas metering station “Morshansk”.

Do you think Gazprom would swallow the loss? We will pay for it — for the gas for the station and for the friendship my dear (for our wallets) Putin and Erdogan”, “What are you then voted for reunification with Russia?”,

“And do you not remember what was then told deputies, arriving from Moscow before the referendum? I remember it well. Or here to make screenshots of leaflets and Newspapers, where there was a comparison with Ukraine, including on retirement age?

The comparative tables do not remember? Just in Ukraine, then went into the process of raising the retirement age. Not to mention the fact that screaming, standing on the bench, Zhirinovsky, describing a rosy future life of Sevastopol”, Nasionale quilted jackets about pensions, more than 100 pages https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1016776189761982465 (screenshot and link).

4. Occupiers in DOZENS of times, raising the rent for entrepreneurs of Sevastopol, clearing the occupied city to come in large numbers. And those businessmen who ennoble the area in front of their businesses, the occupants fined for blatant initiative.

Come in large numbers akayuschy occupier Denis Ilyin said that even a little crushed — it may be more. Eat, critters who are there, “Russian world” called? http://primechaniya.ru/home/news/iyul-2018/sevastopolskomu-biznesu-v-desyatki-raz-podnyali-arendu/ (videos).

5. In Sevastopol, the invaders close cum.

Entrepreneurs already export their goods. If the owner will negotiate with the barbarians on the amount of the bribe, the Mall will open, but not earlier than two weeks. How do you bridge now? http://primechaniya.ru/home/news/iyul-2018/v-sevastopole-zakryvaetsya-cum/ (photo).

6. Armyansk. Firtash on the “Titan” salary practically does not pay. The stub thrown. And all sit, whine. Occupation in clover https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1017014676469764096 (screen).

7. Residents Yana-Kapu (Krasnoperekopsk) asking stupid questions about the water and some a enjoy and that is: “What is up with the water?”. Answers: “she’s gone”, “When will???”, “Say tonight”, “Tries to pay for water? And so it did not see, or is rusty. Zae… like her. Anon. When will it be????”,

“Support for*Bali already!”, “Our water is only a toilet and flush, no more,” “and toilet sorry — the plumbing very quickly Macarena comes from such water. Boiler, again”, “Everything is fine with the water”, “water-it’s all right, its the formula of billions of years has not changed. But with water Sochi problems”

“Not like — don’t open the faucet. Anyway, glad that at least something is flowing, and it will be like in the channel, — the reeds of the pipe will flow”, “live” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1016768047116357632 (screen).

8. Residents of Kerch are also suffering from dehydration: “BAM no water. Three hours. What happened? When turn? Anon”.

Answers quilted jackets become Petrosyan: “Never”, “Oh, the horror, the whole 3 hours? You there live generally? Maybe humanitarian aid to send? When I lived in the Industrial, there is a day the water was”, “the Shop is there? Or are you on the ice?”, “Not 3 hours. Hike, day out” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1016769495350890496 (screen).

Even before one something has reached: “in Short, the amount of water in the Crimea, potable, decreases with a giant speed. Soon most of the population of the island finds out how he lived in the Crimea before “a drunk Khrushchev” gave it back to Ukraine” https://twitter.com/lqaddict/status/1016812587198173186 (screen).

9. A suburb of Simferopol, the third day of sitting without water and without gas. Occupants do not say anything. One quilted jackets they write that they’re fed up, others joke about stones from the sky https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1016999718793203717 (screen).

10. In Alushta continue the cuts https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1017027013863985155 (screen) and water https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1017026369232998400 (screen).

Not far behind, and the pike-perch https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1017040914802454529 (screen).

11. Quilted jackets Simferopol trying to sit on two chairs: “I Want to make a passport in Simferopol, but I heard that on the Crimean travel may not give a visa to European countries and the USA. Is it really so? Anon”.

Answers: “Yes, so. No you can not, and will not, because sanctions”, “Someone as lucky. In the United States and without the approval of the visa can not give. To give Schengen visa to Italy and Czech Republic”, “Actually, the passport gives the Krasnodar region”, “don’t tempt fate with a Russian passport Crimeans will not get a visa. The Krasnodar — Krasnodar — no difference.

And don’t listen to the trolls who will tell you that traveled all over Europe and America with a Russian passport”, “I’m A simple man — if Europe does not want to see me, a Russian citizen with a Russian passport, and I don’t much want to see a Europe” “(Reply to previous comment) Then you are in some Volgodonsk to ride in the bags under accordion”, “Do through Ukraine zagranku. And there will be problems” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1016976964698148864 (screen).

12. Traitors was the name of Raisy, but not Reisen: “we had a large family courtyard with two houses. We lived together for four generations. So, for 4 years as we are in Russia this house in the eyes of my brother has changed owners three times.

All new owners from Russia and everyone thinks we’re some second-class people. The rudeness, threats, or something else. Even had a separate entrance to do that as little as possible to see them” https://twitter.com/Kosstik8/status/1016808544400703493 (screen).

13. Crimeans went to the Nikitsky Botanical garden and were shocked by the fact that during the occupation, the garden has evolved. Read the link https://twitter.com/WolfCrimean/status/1016977542333509632 (screen).

14. Still not heard about the sanctions: “has Anyone used the transfers from Western Union in Simferopol? Only dealt with the GenBank and RNCB, but they do not have this system. Was looking on the Internet, there are lots of different banks, but all seem suspicious.”

Answers: “On the territory of Crimea because of the sanctions Western Union does not work”, “What is the Western Union, my dear man??? Sanctions.” And some degraded to such an extent that it began in the occupation to look for the embassies of other countries: “Where in Simferopol is Turkish Embassy?” Answers: “No, no”, “Good morning,” “Slaves and there need” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1016986060067430400 (screen).

15. In the Crimea, died in large numbers grandson Andrei Brezhnev, the Soviets revived https://ru.krymr.com/a/news/29355755.html

16. In Crimea, held regular military exercises of the invaders using missiles http://qha.com.ua/ru/voina-bezopasnost/okkupanti-provodyat-v-krimu-ocherednie-ucheniya/194014/

P. S. “Patriotism” traitors to Russia in terms of money lost or earned. Was lucky to make a fifth point in a warm place — “ur of Russia”.

Lost everything (home, work, land, business) — “not the same Russia we were expecting, when Ukraine was better”. This is a portrait of a traitor of Ukraine in the Crimea. Judas received 30 pieces of silver, but still hanged.

The same in the bulk have not received anything, losing a lot or all.

I, as a Ukrainian citizen and loving your country can be unhappy with many of the things, but I’m never going to call another country on their land in the hope to heal better.

The traitors greedy foaming at the mouth listening to promises Zhirinovsky, when the shuttlecock about free gas and a huge paycheck… I Repeat for the millionth time that the main task of the occupier, seized a particular territory, is always to replace the population.

Even the very people whose faces were used in promotional pictures as happily met tanks of the invader, the inhabitants of the Crimea. Because the traitors do not like anywhere else.

And because even the traitors always compare life BEFORE and AFTER.

And life AFTER in the occupied territories, always getting worse, the more captured by Russia!

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