Krymnasha News. “The colony of strict rest — happiness don’t live here anymore”

Krymnasha News. “The colony of strict rest — happiness don’t live here anymore”

1. Chronicles the life of Kerch without water of the North Crimean channel: “Who knows what is up with the water? On the Glass turned off only”.

Answers: “On the Glass container it always shut off at any time, the Stock need to have. It’s like the first day of live”, “What, besides the Glass, there is water everywhere??”, “ATS — no water!”,

“Fishermen in the morning was turned off, before lunch is included”, “In Threat for 5 days. Does anyone know the reason?”,

“Not enough in the Crimea waters” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1013120133538242560 (screen),

“What say dibs this time? Again, where’s the water?”, “Reservoir empty! Here and to the grandma do not go,” “She disappeared” https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1013329180241559553 (screen).

2. The Goblin informs the men that the experimental fields of the Crimea allegedly grown crops that can germinate in the complete absence of moisture. Quilted jackets comment next noodles on the ears:

Cool. And all went to Syria. Normal this mnogohodovok”, “yeah, and the yield is one one-hundredth of normal. Morons”, “Winter will tell us everything. And dispatch of grain for every Siry remember”

“Blockheads, in the absence of moisture, yell!!!!”, “In the Crimea because of the drought has killed nearly 700 thousand tons of the crop (reported by Goblin)”, “I Wonder how many there are fools who believe that the wheat can grow without water?” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1013181614313091075 (screen).

3. First, Yalta — Alushta now: “In Alushta in the Bank cbrr unknown robbed the safe Deposit boxes.

The employees of the Bank phoned the tenants of all cells. All clients urgently, in the presence of MVD and SK opened their cells, confirmed the presence or loss of the rented content cells, and, of course, all taken.

Someone lucky, some do not” https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1013354396799913984 (screen).

4. Yevpatoriya rages for a third consecutive day due to the takeover of the Park in the center of the city.

Comments to events in the Crimea is always quite telling: “And you notice how simple the theme Park to capture the catch up “interested” and start to speak, and need to pick up the Park and give another good owner!!! Do you think they pay a salary or specifically for each share? Anon”.

Answers: “45 thousand a month, They still pay for the phrase “stop whining”, “you must wait” and “get out of Ukraine, there are better” and a lot of other work phrases”, “take Back the Park who are looking for”,

“Amusement Park in Frunze street closed. In the midst of the season dozens of workers were left without a favorite cause, and hundreds of kids with their parents. Visitors and local resent, for some reason they are not admitted to the territory of the Park? Was the decision to discontinue operation of the rides. Do you agree with this decision?”,

“The theme has had its day! The time has come to overcome”, “Ass is all” “what Evpatoria TV is silent on this issue?”, “Just chaos!!”, “All the same at the arena. 5-7 employees of the administration FOR and the other against. Where the Evpatoria report-TV on the spin in the Park? Where the same stories as squeezed markets, mairimasu and shops in the city?

Corrupt media shows only what is beneficial to management of the city”, “Honestly, very sorry that we created such a complete mess. Where the world is heading? Get scared live a nightmare. Just like in the 90s, horror”, “Bankrupt city where it is possible to for pennies to buy”

“We have not the city, and direct the mob. All capture and capture. Not city hall, but a hotbed of evil”, “This is happening all over Russia” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1013349372879343616 (screen).

5. In Yalta, a metal mesh made arch.

Local comment: “Miskhorskaya-1, made the arch. Is that allowed???”, “Yalta should be renamed in the Fence!”, “I think no!”

“A thought came to Russia, and judging by the fences in the zoo.

Who knows, maybe she looks really, this Russ. The colony of strict rest”,

“Angle grinder and 10 minutes of noise you will pass” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1013359094202236929 (photos screen).

6. Shorebreak in Omsk saw TV as a specially imported to the Crimea mordorskih Blocher, telling of the prosperity, and decided to ask the inhabitants of Yalta tourist: “Say, due to the opening of the bridge Crimea crowded with tourists. How actually things work in your favorite Yalta for today?”.

Answers: “a Plane is cheaper than a bridge. Sense from a bridge?”, “You’re lying. Crimea in the Ass”, “(Kursk writes) Just came from there. No floods of tourists there. Regular season”, “Great, just great, from the rest to hang there, the beaches are crowded, the Apple fall nowhere, not only in Yalta, In Yalta nowhere to go, in the pockets of the already respecive”, “the little People. I Yamala”,

“There are some hysterical said: “Open the bridge — we pindetse, like all stand, and we’re all gonna die”… I said back then that no hype will not” “(Olginsky Troll writes) Why lie? People’s*eve a lot, and on the beaches and the Waterfront”,

“(The Troll said) You’re from Yalta? Or do you not know what a lot of people in Yalta?!”, “PAH-PAH-PAH, there are fewer people than last year. Looks, service, “one-time” impact”, “Now us, no matter how offensive it sounds, but true,” “Garbage, little people. The plane dear. The bridge is cool, but for a long time” “Yes, I work on the waterfront, not to say that a lot!”,

“We need to get out of here, run!!!”, “To the beloved Yalta bridge was not completed”. I would add that the state of the bridge began to reach the Pike/Feodosiya. More attendants there https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1012803658021523456 (screen).

7. Before the occupation there was noisy and fun. Crowds of tourists and young people from all over the world! Local residents and businessmen have built a huge number of hotels, tourist camps and cabins for renting.

Today it is Abkhazia. Let’s see what is left of the Village and the former happiness of Kazantip.

And it looked like “Kazantip” in 2013. Before the occupation of Crimea by Russia less than a year. Now at this point of emptiness and devastation. Local sit without pay and retirees survive on miserable pensions.

8. The so-called “Ministry of education of Crimea” reports on the increase in the number of Crimean children and adolescents who are registered in butlerage “Uname”. According to official information, in the Nazi network was dragged more than 1,000 children https://ru.krymr.com/a/news/29330434.html

9. Yesterday saw another attribute of the ‘ 90s On the beach sat the hell with the cross in half of the palm and chain — finger. And Yes, TV is now just twist sale this white trash beauty. Kick.

10. “Today, in many cities of Russia held rallies against pension reform. Led by Navalny supporters and the Communist party.

In the Crimea and Sevastopol navalists there, and the Communist party agreed to hold a meeting later in the bushes”, — said the Sevastopol propaganda http://primechaniya.ru/home/news/iyul-2018/v-rossii-mitinguyut-protiv-pensionnoj-reformy-krym-vozderzhalsya/ (photo).

P. S. Today to digest was looking for an old video of Kazantip. Once again immersed in it, as now it seems a carefree time, full of action and laughter.

Remember Evpatoria in those days. Out of town family and children she was a city of nonconformists, who came to “Kazantip” from around the world. They were quite aggressive, but quite the contrary. The city seemed to awake from a mundane slumber.

Taxi drivers in a crowded railway station lomil prices to deliver the afflicted in the “Republic of happiness”. Can’t say I was a fan of “Kazantip”, but he was something, without which the Crimea was hard to imagine. Especially happy locals who for a couple of weeks he could earn enough money to live quietly until next summer.

This is a drop in the ocean from the ocean that gave us the Ukraine before the Russian invasion. Sometimes quilted jackets write to me reproaches that I, you know, not telling about something that allegedly do the occupants in the Crimea.

First, I don’t care what the occupants are doing in the Crimea — I, unlike you, not sold for three cakes of asphalt and do not intend these cakes to admire.

Secondly, I expect from you a list of what Ukraine has done in Crimea since 1954. And the list will be large. Then talk about who did what in the Crimea, who all his life sat on subsidies from the Ukrainian budget…

Now the Crimea became the “colony of strict rest”, as the locals say, living the fifth year at the military base of the invaders.

Instead of “Republic of happiness” — the repression, searches, kidnapping, torture, murder, fences, unarme, dung, vpopulchentsy, cityparade, military equipment, priests and balalaika and kokoshniki…

Crimean Bandera

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