Krymnasha News. “To pay for the love of the Homeland and to the family I am ready any price”

Krymnasha News. “To pay for the love of the Homeland and to the family I am ready any price”

1. Declared 20 June hunger strike the Primova Raim, the mother of the defendant in Sevastopol “on Hizb ut-Tahrir” Nuri Primova got to the hospital, https://ru.krymr.com/a/news/29336041.html

2. The invaders bring a water disaster in the Crimea. Today the Goblin announced that from July 15 to start the flow of water in the Eastern regions of the Crimea (Feodosia and Kerch) on the pipeline, the source of water which will Nizhyn, Prostorney and Novogrigor intakes.

Intakes are dozens of wells that go to a depth of 110-185 feet. Of these wells, which were drilled in 2014, the occupants of 2015 in test mode pump water, destroying the soil (salinization) and the remains of depleting underground water resources.

Well these intakes are in Dzhankoy and Nizhnegorsky district of the Crimea, which a month ago, the invaders introduced a state of emergency because of the drought and killed most of the crop https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1014067020671913984 (screenshot and links).

3. In Kerch and Yana-Kapu (Krasnoperekopsk), the ongoing power cuts and water https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1014072076951531521 (screens).

4. Yalta residents again asking occupants not to touch anything — especially what you did in the Ukraine.

Everything is relative: “I Want to say thanks for the repair of the road on Working. No words of admiration!!!!! Was the road bad, but you made it worse!! Your latecny repair after the first rain will wash away”.

Comments: “A Leningrad again gouging. As much evil is not enough. Most Ukrainian roads, you’d better not touch,” “I Passed there yesterday. Nightmare! Shame on the chiefs!!!”, “This repair is ridiculous”, “And Rudansky”,

“Don’t be sad. After one shitty repair will be next, same bad, a lot of money. But there is no unemployment and the budget is mastered, and most importantly, sent a report stating that “all is well in our Kingdom, “Worse — better. Importantly, a few million cheated!”,

“How to get these power with their shitty roads!”, “This is Russia, baby”, “This “repair” to “an” in many streets of the city. Until the first good rain”, “Well, as they say in Russia, two misfortunes…”,

“(Come in large numbers does not consider the Crimea) you sure the trouble and do not associate with Russia. In Russia, the roads are excellent. And in Yalta — the complete ass” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1013866575047380993 (screen).

5. Look what the years of occupation has turned the piers in Mishor https://twitter.com/h_ubk_ukraine/status/1013860740955082753 (photo).

6. Yalta is buried in govani: “Every time I think worse than with the Mayor. Come the following and understand: no, he was still nothing, when it is something the city did. Such filth Yalta did not know. Go through any residential district of the city of joy and be astonished. Little hard to believe, but maybe someone from our “white house” will read this and anything will do” https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1014088940150812672 (screen).

7. The residents of Simferopol asked: “What are the advantages of living in Simferopol?”.

Answers: “do not see the Advantages. There are sanctions by the largest IT-corporations, which are strong enough to affect the younger generation”, “No”, “No!!!”, “No”, “No”,

“Well, it is possible to get out of here”, “Absolutely, I think any”, “Nothing good about it. In the Central part of the city so filthy that I think sometimes, whether they live here all the people or this town is a dump? Many would have left, but circumstances don’t allow”

“If you all don’t like living in Simferopol, why you are in this city? I love Simferopol. I feel sorry for you”, “feel sorry for You. When your rose-colored glasses will not be able to filter, Kondraty inevitable.”

I note, never before the occupation, the Crimeans did not belong to his city, and the city looked different. Were the inhabitants of some claim to the capital. Now, Yes, the boondocks is under sanctions at the military base of the aggressor with all the consequences https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1013865557643464704 (screen).

8. Sberbank has come in large numbers I was looking for — came the turn of Western Union: “if the Perekop Western Union?”. The obvious answer: “No”, “2013” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1013869340259704832 (screen).

9. Another one of Nedbank in the Crimea, the problems started. Yakut Bank “Taatta” imposed restrictions on withdrawals from the accounts of individuals and legal entities to the left, calling people to close accounts.

The existence of some banks I know only when they live their last days in the Crimea.

As at 31 August 2017 (the latest data on the website of the “Bank of Russia”), the largest package in Nedbank in the amount of 49,59% owned by Andrei Kobzon, the son of the singer’s mouth Iosif Kobzon https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1014053625063268357 (screen).

10. On padded pages you will always help, prompt, will support: “Who can tell whether it is possible to go to Ukraine with the child, if he lost the birth certificate? To recover evidence.”

Answers: “No”, “Yes”, “No”, “Yes” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1013870147927531521 (screen).

11. Quilted jackets are envious of Turkey, in which flowed the Russians.

About the bridge, no one says: “I Think we need housing prices to raise! See how Turkey has flooded, conductive and we trample. The number of Russian tourists, visited Antalya since the beginning of 2018, a record.

In the period from January to July in the resort town almost 4.9 million tourists, of which a 40.19% — Russians”.

Comments: “not surprisingly, in Turkey it is cheaper to go than here + there all inclusive”,

“In the post sarcasm if someone does not understand”, “starting 1 July, prices have soared for tickets to the Crimea. Maybe the tourist traffic somebody in charge??”, “It was necessary not to join Russia, and UAE. This would then would be zae*is!”,

“I was in Anapa. There REALLY are CHEAPER. And then Noah, that the season is bad, no people” https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1014051033977360384 (screen).

12. Yesterday at 16:30 we drove through Feodosia along the coast (coastal, seaside). The beaches along the coast and in the scoop, and before the Russian occupation of the Crimea it was Packed with people. What now? Rare piles. Or not the season yet???

13. Shorebreak from Novosibirsk sprays poison: “what kind Of tourists can say, if people from top management to the lowest, don’t want to work, just to cheat and put in your pocket. On the mainland (in Russia) generally the stories are about service in Sevastopol.

They say the Ukrainians are doing so specifically we did not come. Think about it” https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1014137809794461696 (screen).

14. The extremism of Kerch: “Damn, already puzzled out. GUYS, turn your small pieces of brains, which is simply filled with beer Yes vodka.

You stupid fanatics, you are just in all that is possible, and you are happy, creating havoc on the purchased victory, preventing the remaining more or less adequate people to live, to sleep, to move around the city.

While you are doing this x*RNA, taxes, gasoline and reform with a fucking good pension was fixed, and to herd became angry, gave them a phony victory of Russia in football. Fucking zealots, Yes, you already turn the head and take off your rose-colored glasses, you just HAVE. Anonymously, because 99% of draceana now proceed forth with saliva. I’m afraid you’ll get dirty” https://twitter.com/KrimRt/status/1014101591077605376 (screen).

15. The Goblin ordered the nobles in the Crimea to watch football: “All day Saturday rooting for the Russian team, colleagues.

Without fail, ALL will see who should be”. Feel the stench of decaying scoop? https://twitter.com/CrimeaUA1/status/1014143378953527296 (photos screen).

16. The US does not recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia, and sanctions against Russia imposed over the occupation of the Peninsula, will continue to operate as long as the Crimea will return to Ukraine https://15minut.org/news/177170-ssha-ne-otmenyat-sankcii-protiv-rf-do-vozvrascheniya-kryma-ukraine

P. S. Yesterday the political prisoner Vladimir Baloch said on another judgment against him the last word: “the trial for the fifth time proves only one thing: that uses all sorts of formal occasions small as possible in order harder to punish a person for free-thinking, for its ability to be yourself, to love your country, family and friends, not to become a traitor for having aloud to Express their views and opinions about events.

In my last word I want to say only one thing: not one second or one thought as I do not regret my actions.

To pay for the love of the Homeland and to the family I am ready any price. Glory to Ukraine, dear, and fight for her future

Crimean Bandera

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