Krymvash: Lokomotiv derailed

Krymvash: Lokomotiv derailed

Just the other day I wrote that in catering to the employees reduced salary, as he reported that the employee of civil service has reduced the salary of 1000 rubles.

This is a temporary measure or permanent I do not know.

What am I doing. Yesterday in YouTube I listened to Mr. Katasonova.

This influential and knowledgeable uncle told us ordinary people: a year to freedom will be released in Russia 100 thousand prisoners. They need a job.

After a year 80% of graduates of educational institutions in Russia will also stand in the queue for unemployment, because pensioners will not retire.

Last year the Russians gained much more credit for not pulling.

Katasonov told about the phenomenon of banking (credit) suicide.

Life leave it to those who are not able to pay 20 thousand rubles, a very small amount.

But the Russian heartland is not able to survive.

Due to these phenomena will rise again in price.

Sweeping inflation by leaps and bounds.

As for me, so the feeling, as if the economy has no controls.

Let “locomotive” under a slope, and the brakes don’t work…

Vera Levkovich

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