Lie voted for a three-year budget

The Ukrainian Parliament has made changes to the Budget code of Ukraine, which stipulates that starting from 2019 the government will plan the state budget every three years, reports relyua.net. Voted 238 members of Parliament.

So, in the new budget declarations shall contain information regarding aggregate expenditure ceiling and expenditure ceiling main managers of state budget funds; goals and outcome indicators for their activities (actual and anticipated for the medium term); the overall assessment of fiscal risks.

We have previously reported that the newly appointed head of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Oksana Markarova intends to introduce in the state a three-year state budget planning. She, in particular, noted: “the Strategic goal is the introduction of three-year budgeting, and our plans to introduce it before the end of this year.” Oksana Markarova also noted that the final stage of the work of the ad hoc working group on the implementation of medium-term budgeting is expected from the twenty-sixth of November.

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