Life coupons: invaders gave the Soviet “Paradise” in the popular resort in the Crimea

Life coupons: invaders gave the Soviet “Paradise” in the popular resort in the Crimea

The residents of a small Cliff (occupied Big Alushta), during the “tips” introduced one-time coupons for a 30 minute visit.

It is reported that the story of the Utes runs with the summer of 2016. People in social networks complained about the request of the administration of the sanatorium to pay 50 rubles for passage to the sea, the Church, to the store.

Thus, the local had to pay money to get to the beach of the sanatorium “Karasan”, go to the ancient castle of Princess Gagarina, the Cape “Plaka”, the Park, the trees in which two hundred years have planted and raised, not the current owners of the sanatorium “Utes”.

After complaints and scandals “President” of the Alushtinsky city Council Galina Ogneva promised that a visit to the Park, located on the territory of the sanatorium, is now free.

Both representatives of the “Crimean authorities” reported that the agreement with the resort management is achieved, visiting natural and historic sites will be free for all.

But going to the beach, you had to take your passport to show it is not authorized by the state to the man in uniform and the guard of a private sanatorium.

It later turned out that this semi-military regime did not last long. After the “help” of “the authorities” illegal levies has increased fourfold. Now pass through the sanatorium is not 50, but 200 roubles. Travel wedding procession to the Church – 5 thousand rubles.

At the same time wishing to visit the shop, issued “a ticket to visit”, with the need to meet the “commandant’s half hour” – 30 minutes.

“Going solid “protection” of our problem, same replies, as a blueprint.

I would like to add that he spoke to Poklonskaya, Kozenko, Balbec – all of them now, from the Crimea, deputies in the Duma. Wrote in the newspaper RG EN editor-in-chief. Caused the crew of the channel of Crimea, but they did not come.

All emails considered by the administration of Alushta. Chapter Ogneva goes hand in hand with the General Director of enlarged by such, so all is not solved. We requested the easement, we were refused. Smear with grease fence to prevent children prolazili”, – complains a resident of the Cliff.

Interestingly, it is not clear how anadromous come money, as it is reported that the cash registers there.

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