Lukashenko after I heard about the stroke, held a meeting with Governor of Minsk region

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Tuesday heard the report of the Chairman of the Minsk oblast Executive Committee Anatoly Isachenko.

During the meeting they discussed the course of the harvesting campaign in the region, development of dairy complex and road construction, reported the presidential press service.

“First and foremost the head of state asked, how is the harvesting campaign in the region, as the results of the Minsk region can tell about the situation in the country as a whole”, — have informed in a press-service.

“Minsk — still, it’s indicative of the region: it is located in different climatic conditions. The South probably half removed, the North still may have just started to harvest — there are already 15-20 percent. Different climatic conditions give average experience in the country in General”, — said Alexander Lukashenko.

Previously, a number of Internet media disseminated information that the President of Belarus allegedly suffered a stroke and because of that noted their trip to Gomel on Friday. However, on Saturday, Lukashenko held a meeting with the leadership of the Chinese Corporation CITIC Group.

Press Secretary of the President Natalia Eismont has called the speculation about the disease A. Lukashenko nonsense.

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