Lukashenko has threatened Putin objects at the border: soon we’ll do something else, we can fight you won’t

Lukashenko has threatened Putin objects at the border: soon we’ll do something else, we can fight you won’t

Lukashenko said about the very effective solution in the current confrontation between Russia and Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he told Russian President Vladimir Putin about the possibility to solve the issue with the supply of products to the Russian market with the help of the “people’s export”.

The head of Belarus reported local TV channels.

“We’re fighting Russians — they will close the company, it’s… I’m his colleague Vladimir Vladimirovich say: soon we’ll do something else, we can fight you any more will not be”, — said Lukashenko, referring to the ongoing dispute with the Rosselkhoznadzor, which periodically restricts exports of foods of certain Belarusian enterprises.

The President of Belarus told about a somewhat unusual but very effective way out of this situation. He proposed to build a wholesale purchases close to the border with Russia.

“We will build shops wholesale at the border — in Orsha, mstsislaw. There, closer to Russia. People will come themselves, “people’s export”, pick up and take out”, — Lukashenka emphasized.

The President also said that Belarusian products enjoy popularity in Russia – the citizens of the neighboring country, according to him, purchased in Belarus and all drawers, including alcohol.

The demand for Belarusian alcohol Lukashenko explained that the country has a state monopoly on alcohol production, and no “scorched” vodka.

“In Russia they say so: if you want to try a normal liquor, especially vodka, go to Belarus”, – he concluded.

Previously, we reported that Lukashenka warned Putin in case of aggression.

Alexander Lukashenko in his interview to Belsat in particular said that “We should in any point of Belarus (if something happens) just to appear to strike at the bandits and those who would dare to us to turn up, and leave.”

Also, the Belarusian President added: “If someone wants to war with us, he’ll think the window will receive the missile…. And if someone dares, then (we do not hide it), subversive groups will strike and on the territory, which will be followed by an attack on Belarus.”

Thus, according to the blogger Tyszkiewicz, Lukashenka made clear he would not tolerate in his country counterpart of the war in the Donbass and, most likely, these phrases were intended to Russia, more so as neighboring countries are ready for such, no.

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