Lukashenko on cooperation with Russia: the Russians behave savagely towards us

Lukashenko on cooperation with Russia: the Russians behave savagely towards us

The Russian government refers to the Belarusians, as his vassals.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during his visit to the plant “Gomselmash” has accused Russia of unfair competition and breach of obligations in the framework of the Eurasian economic Union, reports BelTA.

“I want to keep “Gomselmash”. We are now having a hard time the Russians behave savagely towards us, publicly talking about it. They demand from us something like we’re vassals they have, and in the framework of the EEU, where they invited us, they fulfil their obligations don’t want to. So they create a non-competitive situation”, – he said.

Lukashenko said that the Russian government accuses Western countries of creating the “uncompetitive advantage”. “And do something for us they are the same create non-competitive conditions.

This is another topic of our conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But we have to work in those conditions, which exist today”, – he said.

Eurasian economic Union officially started work on 1 January 2015 and became one of the stages of Eurasian integration under the aegis of Russia.

The basis for the organization was a Customs Union between Moscow, Minsk and Astana.

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The process is started!

Here’s a photo of Blue-eyed. No doubt – numeric code is unambiguous, and therefore the process is started and running. Exactly. Moreover, the sacred place – the entrance to Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

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