Man – g*UPE goes for vodka

Man – g*UPE goes for vodka

A small sketch of my life. In the evening, guests go down to the store for vodka. It happens — everything: whiskey, rum, wine and so on, and need vodka. Chose, walked up to the counter. Nothing, in General, do not portend trouble.

And then the cashier girl asks: and would you like to buy items on the action?

Well, good for you, doing everything right. However, I this their actionsa gift and not needed — I have, thank God, do not drink. No, I say, thank you, I do not want.

And then her damn tongue pulled: why? Why?! Let me explain, I say.

And tell us:

I had a case in the College years: we are going with my friends (his too, by the way Vadim was the name) down the street next to school, and then the random girl.

Greets and sickeningly sugary voice asks:

— You don’t want to talk about God? (Near the faculty was the nest of some cultists and they are actively recruiting new idiots in their ranks, touted at a meeting where more experienced sectarian preachers had tried to mislead potential neophytes.)

— No, — speak, — do not want.

— Why? (In the same sickly voice).

My friend one deft movement, like a magician a rabbit out of the hat pulls out a backpack an opened bottle of vodka, and holds her and asks:

— Take a shot?

— No!!

She already backed away from us like the devil from Holy water. And then someone got to her. The same unctuous voice, as she:

— Why?!

Sectarian for a long time, reflecting on what happened, and we went on.

In General, I told this story to the girl-cashier, she laughs:

— Understand, more stupid questions to ask I will not!

However, this was not the end of the story.

With us during this conversation, was hanging around some lady. Apparently, the story she was interested in, only the conclusions drawn from it she did wrong.

— You, — speaks, — probably, still not married..

Whether it hurt me so wanted, or on something else hinted, but I did not go into details.

— Married.

And a finger up her show. Nameless. Apparently, she with the average confused, because it shuddered.

— Ugh, — he says — how rude! Here it is, the Petersburg intellectual immediately see…

Well, first, — answer — I have the wedding ring was showing, and, secondly, I have the same trash as you.

I went under unsuccessfully suppressed laughter of the sellers, and the lady (by that time, crimson) left..

The moral: never bother people who go for vodka, with stupid questions.

And smart, too. Anybody and never bother. And all will be well..

Vadim Zhartun

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