Manafort advised that Yanukovych has made Pro-Israel statements, condemned the “Freedom” and anti-Semitic actions of the opposition.

By Paul Manafort / REUTERS

The investigation team of spectacular Robert Mueller has presented more than 300 documents, revealing details of cooperation, American political strategist Paul Manafort with the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, “Party of regions” and “Opposition bloc”.

About it reports “Russian service air force”. Documents associated with the case of Monforte, which is considered in Federal district court, and refer to different time periods.

In particular, after the us 2012 elections and the subsequent inauguration and the change of heads of committees of the Senate and house of representatives of Manafort Yanukovych wrote a detailed note with explanations on what and whom you need to focus towards the US in the first place, to draw attention on hired while a prisoner into custody of Yulia Tymoshenko, professional lobbyists, who were active in working with senators and congressmen in regard to the imposition of sanctions against the Ukrainian government.

“Special attention was paid to the politics of anti-Semitism: Manafort in its recommendations, the Yanukovych without hesitation said: “We actively promoted the concept of anti-Semitism as part of the policy (Ukrainian) opposition. We did this from the time of the signing of the Pact between the United Opposition and “Freedom”. This is our key strategy in Washington, which is based on the statements appearing in the times of the elections in tel Aviv, including on those thoughts who denounced the Jewish lobbyists and representatives of the government of Israel in Washington with key representatives of the U.S. Congress, which, in turn, are the Jewish lobby. We also have a set of initiatives that we discussed with important members of Congress – Jews by birth” (e.g., Eric Cantor, the number 2 leader in the house of representatives and a Jew by origin),” – said in the message.

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It is important, stressed Manafort that President Yanukovych has made Pro-Israel statements, condemned the “Freedom” and anti-Semitic actions of the opposition.

Manafort also noted that the Ukrainian Diaspora is unalterably opposed to Viktor Yanukovych, its members have taken many initiatives, active and able to raise funds for activities directed against the then President of Ukraine.

The analyst notes that the Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA is a key figure who will be able to control and neutralize the Diaspora, and offered for the role of Herman, at that time adviser to the President Yanukovych. According to Manafort, it was well attended during her visit at the annual prayer Breakfast in Washington, to her good attitude in Congress and saw it close to Yanukovych of a man who understands the essence of the issues, key players and is able to resolve the issues. An important role was also to play the fact that she’s a woman – the political strategist indicated that the appointment of a German Ambassador may reduce the degree of the accusations of women against Yanukovych.

Manafort also explains how to change role figure in the us Congress, noting major friends, potential enemies, new neutral legislators and their relevance to Ukraine, the key issues that will be discussed in the first place and to which Kiev should pay attention – Russia, the EU, NATO, human rights.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the case of Manafort is part of the investigation of spectracolor of the U.S. Department of justice Muller about the possibility of Russian interference in presidential elections 2016 to tip the outcome in favor of trump.

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Manafort long worked in Ukraine, advising the Party of regions of former President Viktor Yanukovych. He is also the former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump.

Manafort charged with money laundering, which he was working in Ukraine. He was also accused that he is not registered as a foreign agent, while engaged in lobbying in the United States Pro-Kremlin Ukrainian government of Yanukovych.

In the indictment the Federal Grand jury sent to U.S. district court in Washington, noted that Manafort and his business partner, Rick gates has received tens of millions of dollars for cooperating with the environment of Yanukovych. In particular, between 2006 and 2015 they acted as unregistered agents of the government of Ukraine, political forces of the Party of regions and the Opposition bloc.

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