Maybe NATO wants to remove Putin in the face of danger over the world?

Maybe NATO wants to remove Putin in the face of danger over the world?

With the case Skrobala again starts the discussion on the topic of “betrayal” or “treason”.

And I have a question: is it treason to traitors is treason?

After all that Putin and his entourage (including power structures) carried out the seizure of power in violation of the Constitution and this power usurped is not a secret, right?

Suppose a person came to the FSB in the 90s.

He wanted to serve the cause of public security of a democratic Russia, which sought to become a part of the famous Alliance of democracies.

And then the government seized the criminals and gangsters.

What should an honest officer who gave the oath of allegiance to the previous country and to those values?

Just resign and lay down their arms? But then (since I went to this conversation) is described in terms of desertion…

Means to resist?

Whether it is his behavior a loyalty oath?

And then, where it says that NATO countries are enemies of Russia? Unless we are at war with them?

Is that what they think Putin’s regime is dangerous and harmful for humanity in General and for Russia in particular, is sufficient reason to believe that they threaten Russia’s security?

Vice versa: they want to eliminate in the face of Putin and his entourage the danger that over Russia and the whole world is under?

I don’t know which answer is correct. But the questions and not ask them I can’t….

Alfred KOCH

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