Melnychenko appears in the criminal proceedings on suspicion in Commission of high treason in form of espionage.

The court also gave permission for his arrest photo from open sources

Kyiv Pechersk district court at the request of the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has arrested the property and Bank accounts of ex-major of the state security Department (HUGO) of Nikolay Melnichenko.

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The court also gave permission for his arrest, according to “Court reporter” with reference to the materials of the court.

Melnychenko appears in proceedings № 42015000000001762 on suspicion of treason in the form espionage, disclosure of information constituting a state secret, excess of office powers, and also legalization (laundering) of proceeds of crime part 1 article 111, part 2 of article 328, part 3, article 365 and part 2 of article 209 of the Criminal code.

Recall, the case was opened on 19 August 2015.

It is established that Melnichenko as a senior security officer of the Department of operational-technical inspections of the operational-technical Department HUGO, from February to September 2000, being responsible for conducting operational-technical inspections in the highly sensitive area – the office of the President, acting intentionally to harm the national security of Ukraine in the sphere of foreign relations, from selfish motives, intentionally collected with the purpose of transmission of information constituting state secrets that was contained in the recordings of conversations between the then President Leonid Kuchma and top officials and politicians of the state.

In 2002-2004 he handed them over to representatives of foreign organizations for the relevant cash reward which further legalized through the acquisition of real estate, vehicles and other property, as in the USA and in Ukraine.

In September 2006, and January 2013 Melnichenko bought in Ukraine, two apartments, and in October 2013 a dwelling house and two land plots.

One witness has confirmed receipt Melnichenko from the United States about $2 million These funds major seems to be kept in the safe at his office on the streets Irininskaya street, Kyiv.

The court approved the arrest of major Nikolay Melnichenko and arrested his property

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