Mexicans come to the US to discuss migration policy

Donald Trump. photo: Global Look Press

The working group of the Mexican Congress intends to send to U.S. senators and members who work with issues of migration

Lawyers and law experts will visit neighbouring country to discuss us immigration policy of “zero tolerance”,

How to write Excelsior, the delegation will meet with U.S. lawmakers and members of the public, as well as activists from the sphere of human rights. On this occasion, Senator Jose Maria Tapia told reporters that on the Mexican side lies the responsibility to prevent the separation of any families from Central American countries.

He also added that we cannot allow President Trump to continue disrespectful and racist attitudes towards children. 20 Jun trump has signed a decree banning the separation of families, illegal immigrants, writes RT.

This topic has caused another series of scandals in the United States. Earlier, Hollywood actor Peter Fonda spoke in a disrespectful tone about the family trump, offering to put the youngest son of the President of the United States at the age of twelve Barron into the cage with pedophiles. He later apologized on social media.

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