More than two years of no air service of Transcarpathia with Ukraine and the world, the letter says.

The garden appealed to the President / photo UNIAN

According to the results of last week’s trip to Uzhgorod Andriy Sadovy has sent letters to the President, Prime Minister and Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine concerning development of transport and border infrastructure Transcarpathia.

“After a temporary loss of Crimea, the region could become an alternative health resort of Ukraine. But the residents of Kharkov or Kiev is easier to get to Hurghada or Mallorca than termall the coast or the ski lifts Crocus”, says Sadovy.

As stated in the letter, more than two years of no air service of Transcarpathia with Ukraine and the world. The Ministry of infrastructure and UkSATSE during this time are unable to install airport Uzhgorod proper lighting and signaling system security and to certify it according to the requirements of the EU, which is a prerequisite for the extension of the Agreement with the Slovak Republic on flies our planes on its territory during takeoff and landing.

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It is noted that the international M06 motorway connecting Ukraine with the Carpathians and South-Eastern Europe, does not withstand the loads and mostly in traffic jams. Three roads leading through the passes, in fact only from the Transcarpathian part in poor condition.

With the opening this year of the tunnel Beskydy in Transcarpathia were waiting for the launch of trains “intercity”, which is partially reduced logistic tensions in the region. But so far this has not happened. The duration of the trip by train from Uzhgorod to Kyiv is now more than 12 hours.

It is also reported that after the introduction of “bezveze” and free trade across the Western border has not been opened no new checkpoint, and the funds which were allocated by the EU for modernization of the existing, is partially used and returned back.

“This situation fuels the discontent of the Central government and the growth of separatist sentiment among the population is the administrative failures of Kiev was actually created in Transcarpathia a threat to national security. Therefore, I urge the authorities in the country to act to correct the situation,” said Sadovy.

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