Most importantly for the night: the abolition of Rotterdam+ and unexpected turn in the case of the attack on Gandzyuk

The meeting between Merkel and Putin: Ukrainians warned of unpleasant consequences

The meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin may have unpleasant consequences for Ukraine. This was reported by researcher of the European Council on foreign relations Josef Janning.

“She hedged, and Putin enjoys the moment. Putin is a breakthrough in ending the isolation of Russia, Merkel – confirmation of the leading role in Europe, despite the setback in the election,” he said.

At the same time, a former employee of the German society of foreign policy Alexander Rahr said that on the agenda there will be questions about Ukraine and Syria.

“Merkel realizes that now is the time to seek opportunities for cooperation with Russia. If you can take a step forward as regards Syria, issues with energy or Ukraine, it would be good for Germany as leader of Europe”, — he stressed.

The increase in Deposit rates in Ukraine: reveals the cause of “warmth”

Since the beginning of this year in Ukraine significantly increased the volume of deposits, however, glad is not worth it. This was announced by the Director of the programme “Economics” Ukrainian Institute for the future Amelin.

“Today, the banking system of Ukraine is profitable. Lending, including consumer, are growing. To provide larger amount of loans, you must have the resource. It can be deposits. To compete to attract money, banks raise rates. In addition, a month ago the national Bank to 17.5% and raised the discount rate. It also contributed to the increase in the cost of deposits,” he said.

According to Amelina, today the volume of capital investments in Ukraine amounted to slightly more than 16 billion.

Tragedy in the family Pugacheva: I left the life of a loved man singer

Fast 153 day revealed a devious plan of invaders Baluku

Occupiers in the territory annexed the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea “scratching their heads” over what to do with a starving political prisoner Vladimir Baluchon. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ahtem Chiygoz.

“They have the desire to quickly condemn and expel Baluja outside of the Crimea”, — he said.

Especially for this, according to Chiygoza, the invaders were restricted to Baluja the opportunity to be familiar with the contents of a private criminal case for which he is sentenced.

The attack on Gandzyuk: the case of an unexpected sequel, there are new detainees

In the case of the assassination of Kherson official and activist Catherine Gandzyuk planned major breakthrough. About this informed the head of the communication Department of GU NP of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko.

“Today detained two persons who objectively can be suspected by a consequence in the organization and complicity in the attempted murder of an employee of the city Council Catherine Gandzyuk, which occurred on 31 July in Kherson”, — he said.

Moreover, according to Shevchenko, one of the detainees already identified.

“In particular, among the detainees – a citizen, who was declared wanted and recorded on video from surveillance cameras, buying the tool for the crime (sulfuric acid). Now investigative actions are carried out”, — he stressed.

The formula Rotterdam+ can cancel: Ukrainians warned what to prepare

The national Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities of Ukraine (NKREKU) can cancel the Rotterdam formula+.

So, from July 1, 2019 may not act the decree on the implementation of formula-based pricing for steam coal on the principle of cost in the port of Rotterdam plus the cost of delivery to Ukraine.

“With a view to bringing the regulatory framework of the regulator to the requirements of the law of Ukraine “On electricity market”, — reported in Department.


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