MPs told how to save on a communal flat: smart house and solar panels

Ukrainian MPs told how much they will have to pay for communal services during the heating season

They declared it during communication with journalists.

“I will cost somewhere in the $ 4-4,5 thousand UAH. Footage of 300 square meters, I have a house. Is the boiler program, which gives the possibility to use gas, when the family outside the house”, — said the people’s Deputy from “BPP” Ruslan Demchak.

Ukrainians “get rich”: who in December pledged to increase payments

At the same time its colleague on fraction Boryslav Rozenblat said that he is “communal” will cost more – about 11-12 thousand. A similar opinion was expressed by people’s Deputy Alexey mushak.

“My last year in the peak months was about 7 thousand hryvnias. Now raised 25%, that is going to be up to 9 of thousands to reach. House 279 “squares”, — he stressed.

Thus the people’s Deputy from “BPP” Sergey Berezenko said that leases a wife and a house on 350 square meters, so expect a significant amount in the payment.

“It will be serious money – more than 10 thousand hryvnia per month”, — he said.

As previously reported, the Cabinet of Ministers has changed the conditions of registration of subsidies for housing and communal services. This was reported on the website of the Cabinet.

Under the new rules, when calculating housing subsidies in the gross income does not include alimony paid and budgetary subsidies for the rearing of cattle.

In addition, the grant General conditions are available to citizens who have arrears in the payment of the single social contribution at the fault of the employer, as well as those of the family, the heating and not the General housing area not exceeding 120 square meters for apartments and 200 square meters for individual houses.

If any household member has no income due to illness or he’s drinking or drug addicts (with the help from the doctor), cancer (with the conclusion of the AHLC), a grant may appoint a Commission for the appointment of housing subsidies.

In addition, the citizens receiving pension in connection with loss of breadwinner, of pension age receiving pension or superannuation as well as those who receive state social assistance for disability from childhood are entitled to excess area (no more than 30% of normal).

Another innovation: from 1 October, if the cost of services actually consumed is less than the amount of required payment, grantee has the right to pay only the cost of services actually consumed.

We will remind, the prices for apartments made a sharp turn, rapidly sliding down what is happening and what will happen next.

As reported Politeka, the Ukrainians told us how to save money on heating in the winter.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians are massively deprived of state aid, the grant will become a luxury.

Source: Today

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