Nayyem doubts the sincerity of the leaders of the parties who entered into a Union

Ukrainian political force “democratic Alliance” decided to conclude an agreement on cooperation with the Ukrainian Association “Samopomich”

About it reported in a press release on their website.

“Next year Ukraine will hold presidential and parliamentary elections. The country is facing a threat of revenge. Corruption and total inefficiency of the government not just takes away the chance for a European future for Ukraine, it undermines the foundations of our security and independence today. Recognizing the risks facing the country, the democratic Alliance party and “samopomich” Union has decided to conclude an Agreement on political Union and jointly to fight for the victory in the presidential, parliamentary and local elections”, — stated in the message prepared by the press service of the party.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Mustafa Nayem, however, coldly replied about a similar Union, and wrote in his Facebook:

“Cautiously welcome the decision of the party leadership of the democratic Alliance to support the stronger partner in the presidential election. The process of unification is what we all have been waiting for and that could break the vicious cycle of disappointment, of disbelief and of skepticism of a great number of people.

Not entirely sure that this agreement will lead to real rapprochement of the candidates because I sincerely believe that the tactical and workarounds only generate doubt and mistrust.

I’m waiting for a direct agreement between Anatoly Gritsenko and the Andrew Garden.

And no matter what the outcome of such negotiations, willing to work in a team of the single candidate. Including Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, who, I am sure, have not ruled out the idea of his candidature for the presidential elections.”

Based on history, the party “democratic Alliance” took part in the 2014 parliamentary elections together with “Civil position” Anatoly Gritsenko. The result is that both these forces are unable to overcome the 5% barrier.

Andriy Sadovy, the leader of the “Samopomichi” Vasily Gatsko, head of the “democratic Alliance” ahead of the upcoming elections are sure to try to the revenge of Pro-Russian forces, as well as increased corruption and total inefficiency of the authorities, which will contribute to the destabilization of the country and become a threat to its independence.

What the future of the United democratic party differs from the President Poroshenko and how to actually Ukraine is run by oligarchs, told the TV Politeka Online Dmitry Dobrodomov, the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, leader of the political party “public control”.

We will remind, Mykola Tomenko about preventing second round of the Pro-Russian candidates and the prohibition of fountains.

As he wrote Politeka you demolish the whole system of bribes, but what about our business: disclosed is an unusual way to fight corruption.

Also Politeka wrote that no suspicion was not there — Gritsenko received a response from the GPU.

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