News from the zone: Rob its because the wrong end

News from the zone: Rob its because the wrong end

From ORDA continued to leave people. Leave not only those who are bored of the banal pleasures of this life in the form of a security, wages, pensions and freedom of movement, but also those who understand that life in the “little Switzerland of coal” is increasingly reminiscent of life in the ghetto, the quest for survival, and neither pleases oxymorons of their own creators.

Yes, OGLO leave not only Pro-Ukrainian, but real builders “of respublikasy”, “putinoidy”, “PA-bogatomu” sample 2014-2016.

Apartments in Kiev, Kharkov and the Dnieper the new building fly like hotcakes. Up to 75% of the purchased apartments is the “settlers” from ORDO who try to make the status just residents, just citizens of Ukraine. The price of new building residents ORDO not scary. A lot of entrepreneurs over the years of living in muddy water ORDO managed to triple their money. The war is always well earned.

Reshaly pension issues, documents, notaries, Prosecutor’s office and militia, the elite. Entrepreneurs with money easier, it is the smugglers, Ukrainian and Belarusian goods, fuel and lubricants. Well, officials ORDO on the Russian threads, the “competition”, “the reunification of the people of Donbass” humanitarian aid made a good capital.

In 2014, these people yelled “patanwadi”, denounced the Pro-Ukrainian, congratulated each other with the exemption of Ukraine, built a “Respublika”, and then just worked on the “navarasa”.

Here I especially officials ORDO like.Push in the ears of the people ARDLE ideas happy and rich life “navaras”, to scare Bandera-pravosekami, and quietly buy property in Ukraine, if anything…and children-a family to take out to advance together with the capital.

And ORDO Yes – “patriot Respubliki”, “navaras”, “monologues or zahorec-polylines”.

The hypocrisy of people in this war – that terrible weapon.

You know, those who are in the category of “builders of Respublic” who in 2014 year oral PA-nagatomo and “palinode”, “alive without the dill,” they’re after each trip to Ukraine ORDA tell residents about the “concentration camps of the SBU” and “secret crematoria”, where they “drove to show,” what will happen to the residents ORDO.

They are buying a property in Ukraine, stealing money in ORDA and earning gullible “navarasa”, don’t miss the opportunity to tell scary stories “Ukraine freezes GOLA bare”, as in 2014, told “Putin will take us in and live, but in rasiii”.

By the way, about life in Russia enthusiastically told those who were in Russia or in the Soviet period (childhood, adolescence) or do not. Just like coming up with something “Oh, and there all free” and blew the ears of gullible citizens. Now those who go to Ukraine from the category of “referendumiem”, has the same position in relation to Ukraine.

For example, in Sverdlovsk in school # 7 Director’s Kosyakevich the couple receives a pension in Kharkiv. Well, and also solves the pensions of their wards teacher. In Kharkov they have children, life the-best, but coming to school, they talk about “atrocities dill” and “poor Ukraine”, causing fear and tears colleagues.

“Police”, “Prosecutor’s office”, “notary”, “advocacy” ORDO, those are trickier. They quietly bought the property, silently took out families, work silently, silently earn.

Well, God be with them. People are able. And to earn, to tear this “navarasa” in trichloride with the eternal sausage at 2-20 in the head and Putin in the ass, not a sin. But…But…

Here of course, the ideological official ORDO. He built for himself a “country”, consciously realizing that the level of income is corruption, and if it will not help the occupier and the “oponentu” squeeze area, tomorrow he will be purging reforms of Ukraine. Yes, they, the prosecutors-judges-cops-officials in 2014 were built in the Donbass, a La Russia, the power to corrupt the country.

Russia security officials have unlimited power. But the official bit scarce resource of power and unlimited resource of money. Why the power is slightly restricted? As a rule, the security forces “graze” the embezzler to “raise a pig” and a coward is just a piggy Bank “to sit”.

The relationship between the layers of the people in Russia are fabulous.
This how to say tolerant, socially Kama Sutra. When everyone everywhere. Cycle thieves in nature.

Such a country was necessary for those who in 2014 year set fire to the Donbass. And the people all shouted “PA-bogatomu”. Yes, PA-nagatomo, but not all. Yes, the power in the hands of the people. But not only, as only individual, eminent-linear. Yes, in Russia, this is the only thing that happened. The nullification of morality. When their killing and robbing their own. As for Russia.

All these reshaly, entrepreneurs, giving 5 in the price of goods imported from Ukraine to ORDO, and three prices for goods imported from Russia, all these builders of “communism”, “Republic” and other “little Switzerland” – the residents of Donbass. That is, their understanding that they lie and Rob their own, were doing it cynically and enthusiastically.

Enthusiastically frightened Bandera-fascists-pravosekami, knowing that they are not. Enthusiastically promised Russian Paradise. Enthusiastically lied – Russian here. Enthusiastically stealing humanitarian aid. Enthusiastically erected corruption in ORDO to the nth degree. Enthusiastically earned “navarasa” with sausage brains. Enthusiastically buying an apartment in Kharkov and Kiev.

For example, in Kiev, now lives the color of Sverdlovsk which 3 years worked in “the administration ORDO” – head of administration, head of the culture Department, head of tax prosecutors, the chief of the General Department of administration. In ORDO they are for Russia and Putin, that’s “nezabudnite”, “she has sagli dill”, “the secret crematorium SBU”, but here in the peaceful part of Ukraine by ordinary citizens.

A lot of leaves and those who did not get in “the Peacemaker.” Opolanie the first wave. Almost no living witnesses to their crimes. The money that you spend these people, it’s blood shot and zaputannyh them there.
Here’s a funny cycle in nature. There, in the “little Switzerland of coal,” they are brave “navarasa” here Chelny Ukrainian law-abiding companies.

And the average “navaras” who works for the soup and a pinch of that type remaining in ORDA miners believe and expect “as in rosiii-palaguta-that soon Putin us.”

Pro-Ukrainian ORDA is. And even partisans within the Ukrainian labels, and yellow and blue ribbons, but… It’s not even 10% of the remaining ORDO residents.

Disappointed. It is not necessary to mix them with people with clear Pro-Ukrainian position. In 2014, they wrote denunciations, poked his fingers – “dill”, shouting “patanwadi”, waiting for “PA-nagatomo”, ran on “referendum” rejoiced “dill burnt-mowing” and then…

Disappointed! Back to Ukraine! But with a special status, no shots, just time and dollar at 8, sausage 2-20, yanukovisch and there is no Bandera in Ukraine.

More and more ARDLE their. And more and more in your ORDO Rob their. I often write about it. By the way, in 2014, I asked those who were shouting “kill dill” – whom they would kill if dill over, are they afraid that the concentration will give the opposite effect when his would kill her.

No, the people yelling about their high morals. Well, well! I have seen these moral Pro-Russian rallies, chanting “kill,” bloodthirsty, writing denunciations and murderama the houses of their relatives, friends.

Today screenie news from the category: steal her, because someone else’s end

Electricity, like gas, ORDA receives from Russia. Everybody knows “navaras”. For the attention of the Russians gas bills and electricity in ARDLA three times cheaper than in Russia.

Oh Yes, and the retirement age is not increased, and pensions in rubles from the Russian budget.

As it is there work, brothers!

And, nevertheless, free to “navarasa” only cheese in Russian mousetrap. Well, that is, Russia still supplies the resources for free, it seems that the population pay for them, Manila is here “navarasa” with sausage brains and money with the communal was doing “budget” “Respublik”.

In short, residents ORDO for electricity, gas, water paid, though less than in Russia and Ukraine, but pay. Pay ARDLE and entrepreneurs. Many explained that the financing of terrorism, but the desire to make money in troubled waters the most.

The answer “we are just surviving, you’re lucky to go, and here we are, patriots of the city”. “Patriots of the city” pay taxes to IDLO contain opolanie, pay for electricity-gas paid cops, prosecutors, police, rent, officials.

And like, as long as they pay their for their own. That is “navarasa” in the environment “navarasas”. Right? So let’s not!

At Sverdlovsk RES all entrepreneurs who have come to account for the electricity consumed, canceled the advance payments for three months. They explained that the money they paid went to Ukraine, the Ukrainian office of LAO. As it turned out, with the full blockade of accounts and relationships, they are not explained.

They say that dill stole from the account, or took into account the consumed and supplied energy. And that’s all. Entrepreneurs are yelling, they say, the supply of electricity from Ukraine, it flows substation “Pobeda”, and have cable and power branches extending from the Ukraine to shoot the metal.

And dill, you bastards, that’s all taken away. And gave account of re-payment. Those yell-yell and paid for. They are also free “navarasa” they own in their environment. And the court in ORDO not working. But the Prosecutor said – all right!

And then, BAM, nezhdanchik, this decision applies to all natural and legal persons, that is, not only entrepreneurs, but also of the population-the consumer. Someone does not pay – off.

It seems that the same “anecdote” cut revenues ARDLE. Rumor has it that this situation with oplatami for the light-gas may be for the entire period of Lugandoniya. This is gonna be fun.

Russia, apparently, as some provigil from a humanitarian load “of Respubliki”. They guzzle a lot of money and resource. To fight for their freedom do not want. Ukraine does not want to. And in Russia they don’t want to. Need “navarasas” to rebuild. Here they are, and rebuilding.

Yes, and what is most interesting in ORDA cut off the electricity more than three days. If before the shortfall of the load was controlled rolling blackouts that are disguised as “repairs and cut branches of trees”, now just off the cities. Full. Mines.

But many, say, 65% of all entrepreneurs, the same is true believers “navarasa”, which not only helped the army ORDO, but they fought. And they here’s the exhaust-it pays!

Here the majority of the citizens ORDO, it is now those who in 2014 year, the “PA-nagatomo”, now they were disappointed in the “Republic” and “do not go to a referendum and has always been against this farce”. But, because somewhere deep down, sleeping their “navaras”.

Asleep, I do not repent of a desire and a thirst for blood. And here built in 2014 this year “navaras” a country without dill, called to kill, and now like a baby does not feel its responsibility. So, disappointed with the situation, nothing more. But he’s still your there in ARDLA, you know, among friends. And him –pay up or disconnect.

Ah, well! Residents ORDO can be taught to think only with sausage, carrot and stick.

Look, “navarasa” the leaders chose the right direction. “Builders of small coal of Switzerland” has to pay for their building in full, out of pocket and their lives.

Olena Stepova

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