Note Nasty Fish. Part 1. Not only Rashahat

Note Nasty Fish. Part 1. Not only Rashahat

Here you do not wonder how it all abruptly died down? Rustled wrote, and then BAM — and how to cut. As there was nothing!

If a person every day commutes to and from work, only a couple of times a year going on a trip…

If most of his communication is limited to a rather narrow circle of colleagues at work and within the family…

If the boundaries of the greater part of his life delineated around professional interests and Hobbies… Then such a person is sometimes difficult to imagine the realities of what happens beyond these borders.

And then the words “sexual training” evoke in his imagination the picture of a group fuck, and the news that a lady spent a few nights on the yacht of an oligarch in the company with high-level officials allows the move to put the lady diagnosed “elite prostitute”.

You seem to understand where I’m going. Yes, we will go about Anastasia, Vashukevich, known to the General public under the name Nastya-Fish.

Here you do not wonder how it all abruptly died down? Rustled wrote, and then BAM — and how to cut. As there was nothing!

Well, except that a week ago, three media, I can even list them by names, sort of startled, and almost simultaneously issued three materials.

Sex guru Alex Leslie and Cindy Fish, the police passed the retired moralist

Revenge “CI”: what offenders Deripaska could be imprisoned for 20 years in Thailand

And then again silence. Silence because anything new that would not be known to the General public in these materials and not like it. So go unnoticed.

But then why write? that’s the point.

It was impossible not to write. Some time ago the friends of our prisoners, “sex coaches” Nastya-Fish and Alex Leslie, arrested in Thailand, tired from the long silence of the press, began to bombard the media with information about the real state of Affairs.

Came to the rally, where else can you go out in Moscow, even dare to hold a demonstration at the Embassy of Thailand.

To ignore it became impossible, and then press the top had lowered the resolution tisnut those same three material. Say — choke.

Those same three material, which said nothing new. Or rather — have lied, distorted information.

Why am I so sure that she lied? Because you know what information was passed to the media and that eventually aired. And can feel the difference.

Now before me is a stack of records. No, not those Nasty-the Fish threatened to transfer to the U.S. Embassy, those records are in the Deposit of trusted lawyers.

But those that I have, they are also interesting. And allows you to make far-reaching conclusions. With clippings from some of them I’ll introduce you now.

So, where to start? Probably the smallest of lies…

I wonder who first launched the term “sexual training”?

The main fact what? The main thing is to correctly formulate. Said “sexual training”, and immediately the imagination of the wider public drawing classes where people learn to fuck, learn sexual techniques, postures of the Kama Sutra, and of course does the process of “nookie”. In short, something is terribly attractive and terribly sinful, and immoral.

Alas, in reality all of these classes, (before they called them the press) has never been called “sexual training” and never such in fact was not. All very innocent and chaste.

In fairness — the ideologist of the movement Alex Leslie really is not a fool to hit on the women and collect yourself a harem, but in private life — beyond training.

The training… and let’s listen to one of their organizers… let’s call him Vitaly. These trainings do not only in Thailand took place, they all warm seas were, including we have in Cyprus.

So, the first entry. Meet Vitaly, the organizer of trainings by Alex Leslie’s here in Cyprus.

I apologize in advance, I shot it in extreme conditions, and because my voice is constantly interrupted. But we that is important, not what I said, and told Vitaly, listen to him, with his voice all right.

Too lazy to listen, just present the dry residue (and this, by the way, I checked “reading” Vitaly from other sources: the staff of hotels, tour operators, bartenders, photographers).

What the press called “sexual training” is a psychological lesson on building relationships between the sexes. Removing psychological blocks and brakes, the elimination of prejudice, the ability to motivate and maintain the interest …

Students, depending on the degree of advancement of learning, get a job in the fulfilment of which should be held accountable.

Job is innocent enough. For example, to meet on the street for a certain period of time with the largest possible number of persons of the opposite sex. Collect at least ten phones from the opposite sex for a fixed period of time.

To manage to govoriti for dinner stranger at the first meeting.

Sex is meant as a result of the training, but the lessons are not included. You are trained in the art of seduction, and what happens after you are trained — it’s your own business. Although the report then before the coaches and classmates, and the victory is normal things.

From the numerous courses of the bus, training Alex Leslie are different solid approach, solid theoretical and scientific base. Alex is the author of many books and scientific papers. His followers are very well organized, the movement exists more than ten years and has tens of thousands of followers in different countries.

Further, there are several points that Vitaly is not mentioned, but subsequent records (which I plan to present to the public) this information is.

A very important, key detail. Students performing a learning task, necessarily lead to the hidden video (at least audio, if video is impossible).

Regardless of whether this local law and not to inform others. On this basis, periodically there are scandals.

The most notorious is associated with one of the cadets Alex Leslie, Chermen Zotova, which is following the course set myself a mega challenge-to seduce Anastasia and achieved success. And as proof of success — published the recording.

Nastya-Fish is not a student of these courses, as the press wrote, and one of the trainers conducting training. As you know, the coach needs to show his disciples an example and to prove that he really owns the skills that he teaches.

Anastasia solved this problem the most obvious and simple way, taking up the seduction of such VIP-persons, which is not something that you can meet that-and at 500 meters easily will not work.

And Mr. Deripaska, the circle of its victims does not end there.

Which of the two scenarios is more correct, the one that represented the press (VIP prostitute on the yacht of an oligarch) or the one submitted by the community Alex Leslie (professional hunter gathers a collection of seduced victims), decide for yourself. I told you more than one point of view to impose will not.

I will fix your attention on the other. Namely, that Anastasia, in exact accordance with the ideology of his movement produced a detailed audio (and sometimes video) recording everything that was happening around, including private conversations, a serious boys, they were oblivious to the presence nearby “doll for sex”.

And I say this against the background that the promised Nasty revelations Regato look of utter nonsense! Although, of course, and Relagate there too.

Anticipate the questions: “where did you get this confidence? What’s he heard? If there are all these mythical records?”

Answer vaguely, personally, I was more than compelling evidence of their existence. Moreover, some of these testimonies I will try to share with you in subsequent publications.

Anyway, if you look at the situation through the prism of only what is said, it becomes obvious many oddities around what is happening now in Thailand.

That’s exactly what these oddities and we’ll talk in the next publication.

But at the same time and try to guess what going to talk to trump and Putin face to face, without witnesses, on 16 July this year.

And what has caused such urgency to decisions about this meeting.

And why Mr. trump so sharply boosted tensions in the European partners and NATO.

Believe it or not, but it seems to me that the answer to this and other questions lie somewhere in the bowels of the records Nastya-Fish.

Do not switch. To be continued.

Andrey Shipilov

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