On the occasion of the 2nd of August

On the occasion of the 2nd of August

Today in Russia it was possible to get drunk in the death of many responsible comrades and drunk to do anything.

Moreover, it was possible to do directly in the fountains downtown or just in the middle of the Central squares of cities.

Even in the middle of red square, it could be done without any consequences.

No, we are not talking about the bottom of the paratroopers, which from the mythical elite, are increasingly becoming the funereal obelisks in cemeteries, Pskov, Ryazan, Ulyanovsk and other Russian cities.

This holiday owes its presence is not abstract Russian “winged infantry”, and quite specific people. Here are the names of US senators Graham, Mendez, Gardner, McCain, Cardin and Sahin.

Today they came out with a legislative initiative, to lead the U.S. response to a more effective level against the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation.

The bill has a number of very strong and completely new items, which will change the balance of power in Europe and will finally create real problems for the Russian Federation. As far as we remember, Putin himself and his lackeys, in turn, talked about what the sanctions they are only good and will stimulate the economy of the Russian Federation.

What statements can be traced to the confidence in inverse proportion to the state of the Russian economy and sanctions. This means, the more and tougher sanctions, the better the state of the Russian economy.

The previous sanctions, though, was quite powerful, but as it turned out, and failed to give the correct force kick in the ass Russian economy because Putin predicted it “jump” (probably from magic pendalya), but that has not happened yet, and the Russians have not felt the beneficial influence of American sanctions, except that now the expression “young man,” accepted for parties of almost 70 years of age.

For now their pensions are not entitled informed 65 years. Yes there is soon to pionery will be taken only after 50 years. But now everything must change.

The most interesting and certainly pleasant for Moscow, this provision on the transfer of the NATO partners “surplus military equipment” to reduce their dependence on weapons of Soviet origin.

As you might guess, we are talking exclusively about Eastern European countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact and therefore still usausa Soviet equipment.

First of all we are talking about Poland and Romania. They will be the main recipients receiving American equipment removed from conservation, and it as much as it is possible to arm the whole of Europe in several layers. As you can understand, we are talking about “transfer” and not about selling.

In turn, this means it runs the principle of free transfer of equipment and if the decision is taken, a possible extension of the recipient countries in any direction.

Furthermore, the existing Soviet equipment to those countries that have already modernized to the maximum extent possible, are equipped with systems to NATO standards, including communications, electronic warfare, work with weapons, etc. (for aviation) and something similar for air defense and related systems for armored vehicles and other things.

In this regard, it becomes clear supply from the Czech Republic, for example, more than three dozen self-propelled artillery systems in Ukraine. Something tells us that following them will be kits and ammunition. In any case, the transfer of arms with conservation, a pretty serious maneuver and how it will be broad – we’ll see.

But the most incendiary, is the section dealing with the sanctions. Already, many noted that the knife can go all the energy and banking sector of the Russian Federation, and also there can go away and transactions with a sovereign debt of Muscovy, and this is not a toy and choke with undisguised purpose.

But few pay attention to two points, which allow officials to do any crazy things in public places, Russian Federation.

First, the address of the Department must be sent the request for the formation of the answer of whether Russia is sponsor of terrorism. As the state Department now operates the former head of the CIA, the answer to this question, he already has.

In the case of a positive conclusion, the Russian Federation has de jure will go into the category of Libya, North Korea or Iran.

Here, the amplitude of the wobbling stern, which shows Europe, instantly narrowed.

And the second question is even more specific – to establish the net value of the assets of Vladimir Putin.

Besides, the computation of all persons who conduct any activity in favor of Putin and their introduction in the sanctions list.

All this in addition to the fact that it is proposed to establish a centre against hybrid threats, cyber crime and the use of Russian chemical weapons.

In General, the implementation of this bill, will be the embodiment of a particular set of tools that is already possible with the responsibility to call penalties, and for Russia and Putin is the money bags will be the deadline in the final decision for themselves they are smart or beautiful.

Then it will be too late.

So remember the names of those senators and day 2 Aug. It is very likely that he really will be a holiday.


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