Other Ukrainians who came to Washington for the inauguration, said that the U.S. attorneys were asked a wide range of issues.

In the US check the Ukrainians, who attended the inauguration of the trump / photo UNIAN

Special adviser to the FBI Robert Mueller with investigating RF interference in the U.S. presidential election, suggests that some of the Ukrainians, who attended the inauguration of Donald trump.

This writes the UE with reference to The New York Times.

Federal prosecutors asked witnesses about how some of the Ukrainians got access to the inauguration, with whom they met during their stay in the U.S., and what they discussed, including questions about the various proposals of “peace plans”.

As we learned from unintentionally disclosed data about the charges of the former head of the election campaign trump Paul Manafort, the investigation is asked did not give any Russian Konstantin kilimnik, to whom Manafort reported the results of opinion polls in the United States, the data for the two Ukrainian oligarchs Serhii Liovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov.

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Lyovochkin, according to the list of guests present at the Ball of Freedom.

American consultant Sam Patten, who worked with Kilimnik, in late August, pleaded guilty to receiving 50 thousand dollars from a foreigner, which was on the description of Liovochkin, but court documents named only “prominent Ukrainian oligarch”, for the purchase of tickets to an exclusive inaugural event for trump himself, of Kilimnik and another person described only as “another Ukrainian”.

Other Ukrainians who came to Washington for the inauguration, said that prosecutors asked a wide range of issues.

“I was twice interviewed by the FBI and Mueller,” said former MP from the Radical party Lyashko Andrey Artemenko, who came to the inauguration with the aim to offer new U.S. administration “peace plan” for Ukraine and Russia.

While Artemenko had not attended any events requiring a ticket.

As writes the edition, present at the Ball, Ukrainian MP Serhiy Kivalov has not responded to requests for comments on how he got his tickets. Another MP Borislav Birch who posted your photo in a tuxedo at the Prom, said he got his tickets free from someone “associated with Illinois,” noting that he did not remember exactly the name.

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