“Party of regions” again nightmare Ukrainian: Kyiv already suffering from the threats

“Party of regions” returned to Ukraine and posters with their campaigning has already appeared on the streets of Kiev

In the heart of the capital has appeared is one of the most controversial parties. Campaign citylights noticed on the street Malaya Zhitomirskaya.

The Billboard displayed a poster with the text, which rather sounds like a threat “we will Return their with BPP”.

It should be noted that not many residents drew attention to the posters regionals.

But that is not the only “OL”, which is found in Kiev. There was another Billboard. The poster with the logo of the party is printed the inscription: “Vote! We won’t tell anyone”.

Will also add that this is not the only high-profile “return”. Recently it became known that resumed work and the site of the “Party of regions”. After the countdown that appeared on the site recently the page again, it is possible to find several sections with different information.

Harassed and threatened violence: “bump” of police caught in a scandal with a student
The incident

We can only guess whether or not the “Party of regions” has decided to return to Ukrainian politics, or is it someone’s joke. The party is now allegedly headed the group. And citizens are invited to join their ranks.

As previously reported, the former regions do not cease to be involved in different scandals. So, ex-people’s Deputy from “Party of regions” Elena Bondarenko scored so delusional anti-Ukrainian statement that she had even suspected drug use.

Note, the controversial post she published on her Facebook and added a photo taken in one of the apartments occupied Donetsk. While the Kremlin propaganda in his “sympathetic” post blamed the war in the Donbass Ukrainian army.

It reacted very strongly to the Ukrainians: “Nazi scum, Putin’s rubles had sold himself, a slave without a tribe, and genus…”, “Lives in Kiev, in the Donbass, the daughter lives in the USA, goes there regularly. The*iraheta Ukraine and America. Son of a…”, “it’s Time to sew up her mouth, how nasty”, “Face hurts from all the Botox”, “Monster” — write to the network.

We will remind, the scandalous mother regionalki paid for the provocation on the Day of defender of Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, scandalous ex-regionals against Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that the scandalous ex-the regional was arrested in Moscow.

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